May 1, 2012

Girls Retreat!

We had such an amazing time at the girls retreat this past weekend. I was so thrilled that me and all of my daughters were able to attend! We had a nice time. They had the girls schedules packed so tightly though... it really wore - me - out! I think it's going to take me another 2 weeks to recover from those 2 days! 

I took the Friday off work so I could go with my little ones. One of the girls in my missions group was dropped off at my house at 7:15 that morning. We then drove to met up at the church and started our trip at 8:00 a.m. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive to our destination. We made it there around 10:30, unpacked the bus, found our bunks, made our beds and had to immediately begin the activities which started at 11:00! It was non stop after that until 11:00 p.m. ! YES... 11:00 P.M.! I was soooo tired. My legs ached and my eyes burned! lol.

My youngest daughter (4 yrs) looked up at me at one point during the day and said "momma, my legs hurt" I said "I know sweet heart, next year maybe you would like to stay home with daddy instead of coming here with us." She replied "No, I want to come here with you again." I asked "Are you having fun?" She said "YES!".

Girls worshiping during service
I am so glad they had a nice time. Here are some pictures. There would have been more than this, except during one of the church services I dropped my camera, just from my knees in a sitting down position to the carpeted floor... and when I turned it on again to take a photo, the lens came out, and I received an error that it was obstructed. I broke my poor camera :( . Now I need to get another one I guess. Can't live without a camera!

The bunks in our dorm.

Angelique fitting inside the cubby.

One of the activities was called Beach Ball Blowout...

Conga during service and worship. 

Angelique making her snack craft of blue jello, jelly fish,
and graham cracker crumbs to represent the beach.

Here was her mixture when she was finished

Destiny making her snack craft.

Me and two of my girls waiting for another team
to show up for one of the relay activities.
(Sponsors had to wear a lei) 

I snapped a picture of Angelique on her bed during a 15 minute
break before supper.

So she wanted to take one of me... do those eyes look tired?!

"Crab walk" relay activity

Getting ready for the obstacle course relay!

Two of the wet jumps for the girls to have fun on.

We were all separated into age groups, each group was named
and each sponsor was in charge of a group. My group was
named the Squids... they were all sea and beach animal names.

My girls enjoying some concession refreshments!

Me and my girls... does Destiny look tired on the right?!

My two oldest daughters were selected to go before the service
and play a game!

On the way home the next day... I think this explains it all!


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