May 7, 2012

Gitzen girl inspired canvas giveaway!

Hi friends,

I think most of you have read the post that I put up earlier last week about Sara from, such an inspiration that woman is... and I did mean is

I found myself scanning through the posts in her blog and I came across a number of canvas paintings she created, she would often give them away as well. I found myself coveting these paintings! I knew that I could never actually have one of HER canvas paintings, as she is no longer here to create one for me. I decided to try and re-create one of them myself... eeeak.

Having never before done a painting like this on canvas, I was a tad bit nervous about what the finished product would look like (to say the least). I printed a picture from the (in)courage web site, and used it as a guide. I didn't think it would hurt anything since I'm creating this for my own personal use and not selling it or passing it off as my own creation. I think I was able to get it pretty close! I did not, however, attempt the words "I will take joy - Habakkuk 3:18" because my handwriting is atrocious compared to dear sweet Sara's! I just knew it would mess up the entire painting.
What do you think? I LOVE it... and I didn't realize until afterwards, but the colors match my bedroom... deep reds and golds... it's as if this was created just for me!

As I made this canvas, I was praying and thanking God for giving Sara to the world, thanking Him for allowing me to stumble across her blog. Not long after that I reached in my purse for a little note book I keep... I pulled it out to write a memo to myself and happened to notice the verse on the cover. The scripture was Psalm 16:11 and read In Your presence is fullness of joy.

Wow... In Your presence is fullness of joy. I sat there looking at it, reading it, and absorbing it for a moment. It seems that's exactly what Sara was telling us when she said Choose Joy... she was telling us to choose to remain in the presence of our Lord.

How amazing is our God!

At this time in my life it seems the common theme of everything I read and come into contact with is Community! I found the (in)courage community website, which I adore... at church we just finished a new series titled "The call to community" ... community, community, community... are you trying to tell me something Lord? ha ha.

I placed the canvas I made in my bedroom, above a bed side shelf I put up a while back. I sat there admiring it for a while... it's just perfect and beautiful to me... when the thought came to my mind. I wonder how many more people out there have been touched by the life of Sara, how many of them would also like to own a canvas painting in memory of her?

I didn't want to re-create a canvas she made for a giveaway though, I didn't think it would be right... but the Lord had already given me the perfect scripture - Psalm 16:11... so I created another canvas with this scripture on it. I tried to stay somewhat true to Sara's style when painting it. I did some swirly circles, some dots, and a single heart. I'm so sorry the picture quality is poor at best I had to take this with my daughters cell phone, as my camera broke at the girls retreat. (I'm hoping for a new camera for mothers day :))

I hope you like this... and it will be given away to one blessed person, for free. All you have to do is comment on this post to let me know you would like to win it. (make sure I have a way to contact you back if you win) A winner will be randomly selected on May 18th. 

If you win, or not, you can still go to the (in)courage website here and print a Choose Joy picture to frame for yourself! 

On a side note - if no one wants my canvas... that's okay with me too... it will be right at home in my bathroom! :) 

I hope you have a very blessed, joyous day!



Zoe Love said...

Your so creative! I love it how your mind works! Choosing Joy is something I'm really working on myself theses days.

Candice said...

Fitting that you would stop in on Joyful Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

SD ~ Dawning Inspiration said...

Sara totally inspired me... to choose joy! Beautiful work! I'd love to win, too!

Kelly Scott said...

Very inspiring post! Kudos to you for letting your inspirations guide you into creativity.

The Adventurer said...

Very creative:) thanks for sharing your give away on the NOBH