May 17, 2012

I Met The Boy...

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and stared in the dark of the morning at my one year old baby girl asleep next to me. It was my attempt to embrace those last moments of her being an only child. This would be the last morning I would wake up to only her to care for.
I would roll myself, the fullest and ripest I would ever be with-child, out of bed.
At 8 months pregnant... another month left to go.
I waddled my way into the bathroom to shower… the water beating down on me I wondered why on earth did they have to make us get up THIS early in the morning to go to the hospital to be induced?

I pack the bags in the car, kiss my little one asleep and head to the hospital to give birth for the second time in less than two years.

I had spent the night at my grandmothers. She lived literally a block away from the hospital and it would give me more time to sleep in that morning. My husband was working offshore at the time and I played the last conversation we had over and over in my mind all that morning.

“Daniel, hey, umm, the doctor is going to induce labor in 3 days… you will be able to get off the boat by then won’t you?”

Daniel – “Oh baby, I don’t know… we are way out here… no land in sight. I’ll make some phone calls and see what I can do. If I can get home it might be the morning you go in the hospital at best.”

I hadn’t spoken to him since then. It was a miracle he had reception long enough for me to tell him I was going in! I wondered if he was able to make his phone calls… if they would be able to find a replacement for him… would he be there for the birth of his son?

The drive to the hospital, even though it was only about 2 minutes, seemed so long… I didn’t want to have to do this alone. I knew that I wouldn’t actually be alone… there would be a slew of family and friends there, but I wanted him… no one could comfort me like he could.

I was admitted into the hospital where they had me change into the little paper thin gown with no backing and way too many ties. I pulled my heavy self onto the hospital bed while they hooked up all sorts of monitors and IV’s… I remember the nurse telling me that my blood pressure was a little high and I knew it was because I was scared...

Still no word…

Would he make it?

The pitocin was started and the contractions were beginning… and I was still alone.
An hour in and my mind began to race… I didn’t want this to happen without him.

An hour and a half in… the door to my room opened and two large bags entered… I knew, filled with relief, who’s they were before he made his way in.

Un-showered and fresh off the boat, he made his way to his rightful place by my side.

After 10 ½ hours of labor with no pain medicine, and 1 ½ hours of pushing later… we were finally able to meet our baby boy. He was a beautiful, pink baby all of 8 pounds and 4 ounces… he had no name yet because we couldn’t decide… but he was a boy… all boy… OUR boy, and for the next two days we called him "Boy".

I love you my son, Daniel Uston...

This post was inspired by
Mama’s Losin’ It
Prompt: 2.) Describe where you were when you met a boy.



Diane said...

Aw! What a sweet story... and your son is beautiful!

Jen said...

Geez, this made me weepy, thinking of the first time I met my boy. So glad your husband was able to make it. Such a great, sweet story!

Melissa said...

Great story.... sounds like something out of a movie!! ;-)

Jen said...

Aw, what a beautiful birth story. I am so glad your husband was able to be there.

Kim said...

I'm glad your husband made it...he'd have missed meeting his boy, too!

What a fine looking young man you have there!

Alli said...

So glad your hubby made it! And what a sweet story!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome story. I love how God always works out all of the details.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

Shell said...

Such a relief that your husband made it! And your son is a doll!