December 18, 2007

So proud of my kids.

Yesterday my son (6) told me that he wanted a shirt for Christmas that says "God is love". That just melted my heart. Then today my daughter (8) won a jewelry making kit at school, the kit contains enough to make 20 pieces of jewelry, do you know she only wanted to make one thing for herself, and made out a list of 19 people she wanted to make things for as Christmas presents. She is even crafting her own jewelry boxes for each gift. She is going to be like me, such a crafty little person with a big heart. I am so proud of both of them, did I mention that they will both be getting baptised this Sunday at church. They each dedicated their lives to the lord at different times, months ago. So needless to say, I will be taking lots of pictures of them. I just wanted to share that with you. DH is working late tonight, he won't be in until really late, or early tomorrow morning. I really dislike when he is working that late, so far away from home, I worry about him driving tired. I wish he could find more jobs closer to where we live. So this will be a late night for me, as I always wait up for him. I just can't sleep when I am worried about him so much. Here I am typing about how proud I am of the kids, and they are acting up, not wanting to get ready for bed. I guess that will have to be enough for now, I need to get them settled in so I can have some quiet time.

My current cleaning routine.

My current cleaning routine is as follows.


Morning-6:30 a.m.
  • Wake up and make my bed, tidy up the bedroom before heading to the bathroom to get dressed.
  • I get dressed in the bathroom, fix my hair and brush my teeth. While in the bathroom I pick up any clothes and put them in the hamper, tidy up the counter, sink and quickly wipe down the toilet.
  • I then head to the kitchen and empty the dishwasher, take out meat to thaw for dinner and start the laundry to be done for the day.
  • I wake up the kids and they get dressed for school and off they go.


  • I do my weekly cleaning
  • I go through the house and throw away (de-clutter) 25 things (tip from flylady). Do one room every day for a week if you are just starting until you have gone through the whole house. After that, do one room only once a week as part of your weekly cleaning, so each room gets de-cluttered about once every month or two.
  • I tidy up for a few minutes (5-15 depending on how much time I have).
  • Cook dinner
  • Clear off clutter proned areas
Before bed-6:00 p.m.
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Me and 7 yr old clean up the kitchen
  • 6 yr old cleans up the living room
  • Everyone takes a bath and gets their clothes together for the next morning.
  • Bathroom pick up
Weekly cleaning:
  • Monday - wash sheets, blankets and towels. Wipe down appliances, front door, windows, mirrors and plan menu for the week.
  • Tuesday-wash 2 youngsters clothes. Wipe and dust all surfaces in the house.
  • Wednesday-2 oldest wash their clothes and pick them up. Clean the tubs, sinks, toilets and showers.
  • Thursday-Wash me and hubbies clothes. Sweep and mop hard floors.
  • Friday-Either do a de-cluttering, or wipe down the walls in 1 room of the house. Vacuum carpets and sweep off steps.
Having a routine makes things easier, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get hard at times. Sometimes you will miss your afternoon routine, sometimes your night routine, sometimes the whole routine gets thrown out the window. lol... try to do as much of the routine for the rest of the day as you can. Or start fresh the next day, I have to tell myself that often. It sometimes is discouraging to clean a room, step back and look at it with a sense of accomplishment, walk away from it only to re-enter again in 20 minutes to find it completely destroyed again. Picking up, washing, and cooking for six people daily isn't an easy job. But I really don't think I would have it any other way.... ask me again tomorrow and I may say differently :)

Sorry it took so long.

Soooo, it has again been a while since my last post, a long time actually. Our family now has a new addition. We have a beautiful baby girl named Angelique Marie. She is so wonderful. She weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces at birth, and had to be delivered by c-section due to her being breached. She was the only one out of my now four children who was delivered by c-section. It was awful, I would rather give birth any day than to have to have another c-section. I couldn't believe the pain that followed that procedure. Baby girl is in her swing as of now, kind of fussing, because she likes to be held. Angelina (3 yr old) is taking a nap in her bed and Destiny (almost 8 yr old) and Daniel (6 yr old) are in school. DH has started his own company, working a lot for this time of year, but waiting to get paid for the jobs he is working... money is short so this may very well be the last post for me for a while. I will have to disconnect the intranet for a while to cut back on expenses. I need to update my control journal, as I do things a little differently now that baby girl is here. I may have to do that today or tomorrow. I will have to go to the DMV tomorrow morning to turn the plate in for my car, as I had to cancel the insurance today. We have three vehicles on insurance, and as I have said, we have to cut back on expenses. I have already canceled our T.V. which surprisingly, I don't miss at all and it's been over a week now. The kids don't miss it either. If anyone is reading this, please pray for God to provide for my family, I have faith that he will, he always does. O.k. that's all I will have time for today, I need to get to the housework. I had to go to town to do a few things today, and the day is already half gone and I haven't done a thing in the house yet.

June 23, 2007

It's been a while

I know that it's been a while since I have posted on here. It's been a long few months for me. I finished school. I graduated a couple of days ago, it was a nice graduation. I am now currently 7 1.2 months pregnant with another baby girl. We don't have a name picked out for her yet. We do have a maybe, maybe Alayna Marie. I am going to go this coming Saturday for a 3D 4D ultrasound, and I am excited about it. I have never had one before and since this will be our last baby, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Now that I am out of school, I am starting to focus more on the house. I need to get things straight before the baby is born. We don't really have enough room for another child in here. We are currently looking for a larger vehicle for myself, and a bigger home for our family. Please pray that we find something that we fall in love with, in our price range. God is a wonderful God, and all things are possible through Him. There have been some things that have happened recently, and I had to learn to really put things in Gods hands and let Him take over. I had to learn to pray for His will to be done, not mine, because He can see the big picture, not I. It looks like God has taken care of everything, and I am praying that things stay that away. The devil will try to tear you away from God any way that he can, it is then you need the most to depend on God. Well, I think it's time I get off the computer, and get back to the house work. I have gotten a lot accomplished today, but still have a great deal left to do. Thank you all for reading.

March 23, 2007

Just an update.

I know I haven't posted in a while. I have been trying to catch up on everything, from school work to house work. I do go back to the doctor on April 3, I will be able to find out if we are going to have another baby boy, or another baby girl. The baby is kicking now, I can feel him/her often. I do have a viral infection now, and hubby was up last night sick, he went to work this morning though, so hopefully he is feeling better today. I will try and post more often, thanks for reading and caring about us. Angel.

February 20, 2007

God will provide!

Well, I was sitting here a few minutes ago and am starting to get pretty hungry. I looked around the kitchen, and realized, we have NO food in the house. lol. Nothing in the freezer except fish (which my DH said he wanted to cook, not to touch it) and some pork chops, but nothing to go with it.
I was trying to figure out what could be thrown together to eat when the phone rang... it was my Mother In Law asking me if I could use some food... her deep freezer went out and she didn't want all the food to go to waste. YAY!! Sorry, not yay that her freezer went out, but yay that I now have both ice box freezer and little freezer full of meat and side dishes! She had two frozen pizzas that were defrosted already, and said that I better cook them as soon as possible... NO PROBLEM! I smell it now. I much rather a home made meal.. but hey, it is free, and I am hungry, as I am sure the kids are.

DH went hunting last night and killed a Hog... !!!! So as soon as that gets cut up and sorted, we will have even more meat to last us a while.. God always finds a way to provide for his children!

February 18, 2007

Will 5 minute cleanings work???

O.K. I am going to try something new... I have been using 15 minute cleaning increments. But only clean one or two rooms a day, and buy the time the rooms get rotated, the rooms I get back to are destroyed again. I read on Candy's blog, that she only cleans for about 45 minutes a day... 45 MINUTES... AND HER HOUSE STAYS THAT CLEAN???? How does she do it.... then I decided, if I clean every room in my house for 5 minutes, every day... that would equal up to 35 minutes a day... I can break it up to 3 rooms at a time, then a break in between. It would still add up to about two 15 minute cleanings a day, it would be a little in each room, instead of the whole half hour in only two rooms. I wonder if this will work. I will still have my daily chores... such as

Monday clean
Windows (only 3) mirrors (only 1) t.v. and computer screen and toilets (2) and 2 loads of laundry a day.

Tuesday clean
sinks (3) tubs (2) shower, faucets (5) and 2 loads of laundry a day.

Wednesday clean
Mop, and vacuum carpets and 2 loads of laundry

Thursday clean
Appliances in and out (stove, icebox, microwave, washer and dryer) and 2 loads of laundry

Friday clean
Clear and wipe down surfaces and 2 loads of laundry

Saturday clean
Anything that didn't get done during the week.

Now... these are what I have scheduled to do during the week... but I have to admit.. I don't always get around to doing them all, sometimes I only get to one or two a week... but I think when I start cleaning each room a little a day... it might improve the overall appearance of my house. If I actually get to doing the above daily cleanings.. it will just be an extra... now it only takes about 5 minutes on Mondays, maybe 10 minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays take the longest.

I will try this new cleaning schedule out for at least 2 weeks and see how it works... I will let you all know if it's a keeper, or if it's a dud. lol.

I would love it to work... ONLY HAVE TO CLEAN EACH ROOM FOR 5 MINUTES A DAY TO HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE! That would be amazing!

February 10, 2007


Hi guys, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. The phone lines have been messed up for about a month now and I was not able to get online. I did go to the doctor, and had an ultrasound, I have since went back to the doctor and had another ultrasound (that's how long it has been since I have posted. lol.) The last ultrasound the baby had a bpm of 178, good strong heart beat. Everything is going good, and I am doing fine, besides the fact that I am tired all of the time, and I am starting to lack in school. This is my last semester, so I guess I can struggle up enough who ha to finish with a bang. Just wanted to post a quick update, now that I have Internet again, I can post a longer update later on. Thanks for reading, and thank you all for your prayers. I was so worried that something would go wrong with this pregnancy. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant, and approaching the second trimester very quickly. I am starting to relax, and just go with the flow now. Well, I need to go and wash a few more loads of laundry before I get to bed. Hubby is working most of the night tonight. I don't like it when he works late like that, I can't sleep until he gets home, so I wait up for him, which makes me tired the next day because I have to get up with the kids to let him sleep. The joys of parenting and being a loving wife. lol.

January 8, 2007

Ultrasound TOMORROW

Well, I go to the doctor TOMORROW for the ultrasound, and ugh, blood work. lol. I am starting to get excited. I want to see how far along I am... and look at the little baby bean squirming around in there. lol. I think I am only 8 weeks. Which is 2 months pregnant.. I went back and looked at an ultrasound from my baby girl, at 10 weeks.. not big at all. lol. So at least now I won't be disappointed when I don't see a fully developed baby waving at me in there. :) . But I am anxious to see the heart beat and to make sure everything is o.k. and the baby is developing o.k.
The kids also start school tomorrow. I won't have to worry about finding a sitter to watch them while I go to the doctor. I know it will probably be an all day thing, since I will have to go and give blood too. Well, just wanted to update a little bit, hopefully tomorrow I will have an ultrasound picture to post up for everyone to see. Along with details of how everything went. I am starting to feel sick, haven't been sick yet, just starting to feel it. Hopefully it will be like my last two.. I felt sick for about a week, then it went away. lol. My boobs are sore, but not too bad, my gums bleed when I brush my teeth. I am extremely tired, but not as much as I was. The joys of pregnancy. lol. I am already outgrowing my clothes. I just keep them unbuttoned, as I think it will look silly if I start to wear maternity clothes this early. I know of some women who wear maternity clothes the second they find out there pregnant.. the day after the test is positive, they are in their maternity clothes.. lol. Not me, I will wear them when I absolutely can't stand my clothes anymore, probably won't be long though, another couple of weeks.

January 3, 2007

Update on Pregnancy

Well, I went to the doctor on December 28th. It was confirmed that I am pregnant ($40 for them to tell me that... I already knew that. lol) I am scheduled to go back in on January 9th, six days from now, to have an ultrasound, along with blood work and all that good stuff. I haven't been feeling pregnant yet.. at least not like the other three. I have been really tired lately, my chest is a little bit sore, but not anything to fuss about, my gums bleed when I brush them. I can't wait until we go to have the ultrasound, just to make sure everything is o.k. with my new little one. I was really scared at first for some reason, but the nice ladies at hsmoms4him sent up prayers for me, and starting yesterday.. I have just been filled with peace. My worries have faded away, and I am starting to enjoy, and become excited about, this pregnancy. I had been thinking about names for our new little one.. my husband decided he wants this child's name to start with either an A or a D.. my name is Angel, my husbands name is Uston, but everyone calls him Daniel.. his middle name. My children are Destiny Angelle', Daniel Uston, and Angelina Danyell. So I don't have many options. lol. For the girls I was thinking of either Ava Marie, Avana Marie (pronounced Savana without the S), or Aniah Marie. Hubby said that Ava wasn't bad, but he never said anything about the other two names. Boy.. I like Ayden, or Dakota... I have no clue what middle names will be, or even if he will want those two in the running.. but boy is he picky. Our son didn't have a name until he was 3 days old. lol. Well, when I get back from the doctor on the 9th, I will let you guys know how everything went, and maybe post the ultrasound pictures. Thank you for reading.