April 26, 2012

Girls Retreat! EEAAKKK!!

I am so excited!!!  eeeaakkkk!!

Tomorrow morning me and all three of my daughters will be leaving the house and heading to the girls retreat!!
None of us have gone on a girls retreat before and we are all pretty anxious about it.

My husbands not too thrilled though, he claims he can not sleep without me next to him in the bed (aawww). 
It's hard for me to sleep without him also... but I am STILL EXCITED!

We will be leaving the church at 8:00 a.m. and starting on our almost 3 hour trip... we will be spending the night there and leaving sometime Saturday to head back home. We also have a family reunion on Saturday... I am hoping that we make it back in time to attend at least the last bit of it. I have also never been able to attend a family reunion and would hate to miss it completely this year.

My youngest daughter shouldn't even be able to attend, she missed the age mark by 4 months, but since I am a teacher and I am going as well... they are allowing her to attend. I really love the fact that all four of us will be there together. However, we will all be doing our own thing. You see the younger "girls ministry" will be somewhat separate from the "teen ministry".  So we will be on the same grounds, but attending different events at different times.

I'm not quite sure how that will work with the youngest yet. I don't know if she will be clingy to me the entire time, or if she will be able to stay with Angelina and go to the events they have set up for the younger group.
I'm sure sleeping arrangements, she will be with me. I can't see her sleeping in her own bunk, away from me or my oldest daughter in a strange new place.

I have a lot of packing to do tonight after work...

I so pray that the girls learn and grow from this experience. I pray that they are able to receive a touch from God and that there lives will never be the same afterwards. 


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