January 8, 2007

Ultrasound TOMORROW

Well, I go to the doctor TOMORROW for the ultrasound, and ugh, blood work. lol. I am starting to get excited. I want to see how far along I am... and look at the little baby bean squirming around in there. lol. I think I am only 8 weeks. Which is 2 months pregnant.. I went back and looked at an ultrasound from my baby girl, at 10 weeks.. not big at all. lol. So at least now I won't be disappointed when I don't see a fully developed baby waving at me in there. :) . But I am anxious to see the heart beat and to make sure everything is o.k. and the baby is developing o.k.
The kids also start school tomorrow. I won't have to worry about finding a sitter to watch them while I go to the doctor. I know it will probably be an all day thing, since I will have to go and give blood too. Well, just wanted to update a little bit, hopefully tomorrow I will have an ultrasound picture to post up for everyone to see. Along with details of how everything went. I am starting to feel sick, haven't been sick yet, just starting to feel it. Hopefully it will be like my last two.. I felt sick for about a week, then it went away. lol. My boobs are sore, but not too bad, my gums bleed when I brush my teeth. I am extremely tired, but not as much as I was. The joys of pregnancy. lol. I am already outgrowing my clothes. I just keep them unbuttoned, as I think it will look silly if I start to wear maternity clothes this early. I know of some women who wear maternity clothes the second they find out there pregnant.. the day after the test is positive, they are in their maternity clothes.. lol. Not me, I will wear them when I absolutely can't stand my clothes anymore, probably won't be long though, another couple of weeks.

January 3, 2007

Update on Pregnancy

Well, I went to the doctor on December 28th. It was confirmed that I am pregnant ($40 for them to tell me that... I already knew that. lol) I am scheduled to go back in on January 9th, six days from now, to have an ultrasound, along with blood work and all that good stuff. I haven't been feeling pregnant yet.. at least not like the other three. I have been really tired lately, my chest is a little bit sore, but not anything to fuss about, my gums bleed when I brush them. I can't wait until we go to have the ultrasound, just to make sure everything is o.k. with my new little one. I was really scared at first for some reason, but the nice ladies at hsmoms4him sent up prayers for me, and starting yesterday.. I have just been filled with peace. My worries have faded away, and I am starting to enjoy, and become excited about, this pregnancy. I had been thinking about names for our new little one.. my husband decided he wants this child's name to start with either an A or a D.. my name is Angel, my husbands name is Uston, but everyone calls him Daniel.. his middle name. My children are Destiny Angelle', Daniel Uston, and Angelina Danyell. So I don't have many options. lol. For the girls I was thinking of either Ava Marie, Avana Marie (pronounced Savana without the S), or Aniah Marie. Hubby said that Ava wasn't bad, but he never said anything about the other two names. Boy.. I like Ayden, or Dakota... I have no clue what middle names will be, or even if he will want those two in the running.. but boy is he picky. Our son didn't have a name until he was 3 days old. lol. Well, when I get back from the doctor on the 9th, I will let you guys know how everything went, and maybe post the ultrasound pictures. Thank you for reading.