May 16, 2012

An Otherwise Dark World

One very clear night, as I sat outside my home and stared up into the beautiful sky that seemed so delicately dotted with little shimmering crystals, I stared for a long time at the big, round, beautiful moon.

How beautiful… how amazing, the fact that it just hangs there, suspended by an invisible force.  How beautiful is it’s light that softly shines upon us in the night… in the darkness of our world.

As I sat there allowing my mind drift off, marveling at the wonder of our God and how all that He does is for a reason… how everything has a purpose… I realized how closely we resemble this moon.

This moon, reflecting the sun… which burned brightly before its appearance.

The moon will never be able to light the world as bright as the sun. Even though the sun has gone away for a period of time, it will return… but even in its absence, because of the moons ability to reflect it, the sun can still bring light to an otherwise dark world.

Just as the moon reflects the light of our one and only sun, so should we be a reflection of the one and only Son.

Even though He may have left for a period of time, He will return. We will never be able to compare to the perfection of the Son… but during His absence, before His return, our ability to be a reflection of Him, no matter how dimly, will bring love, hope and joy to an otherwise dark world.

Every time I look at the moon now, it is a constant reminder to me of the way I should live my life. When people come into contact with me, they should be able to see a resemblance of Jesus.

How funny that God should place a big bright reminder to us, right in the middle of the sky of an otherwise dark world


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MSBABY said...

A beautiful, thoughtful perspective. Nice to meet you. Jan