December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry everyone!!

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately, and with the holidays things are a little crazy in our home right now : ) but in a good way!

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! And I pray you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Eat up those black eye peas and cabbage!

I have a couple of sewing projects I am working on… I will show you soon!


December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I could post something lengthy, but instead, I have decided to leave you with this... it's one of my favorite songs of all time, and whenever it plays I find myself sitting there, with eyes closed, absorbing each sweet word.

Let us not forget the real reason for this Holiday Season...
I wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With all our love, The Buck Family...


December 22, 2011

My Christmas Gift & Pets :)

… well, despite our best efforts, the last remaining puppy didn’t make it.  I think the poor thing developed pneumonia. I was so very hopeful that she was going to make it through. At least if there is ever a next time, we will be more prepared to handle the puppies as soon as possible if we will need to. It’s just heart breaking that out of eight puppies, none of them remain.

On another, more positive note… my hubby bought my Christmas present!!

I have wanted one for almost 6 years now! It’s a Quaker Parrot! Also known as a Monk Parrot.  I know they are illegal in many states, but are not yet banned in the state of Louisiana… lucky me!

This beautiful little girl is only 6 months old. I named her Kiwi, and my oldest daughter calls her Kiwi Pie. She is just starting to speak. She says “Pretty Girl”, and we were told she was starting to say “Here kitty kitty kitty”, but so far I have only heard her say “Pretty Girl”. : )

She is still exploring and getting to know her new home and humans. She is hand tame and very friendly. As soon as we open the cage door she moves as fast as she can to get to our hand.

Her favorite spot to rest is on our shoulders… and she LOVES to weave in and out of Tinker Bells hair! I think it is so cute!  I can’t wait to see her take a bath for the first time… I wonder if she will like or dislike that much.

I am so excited to have her be part of our family!  At the same time I am so disappointed that we lost that cute puppy.

We have 2 German Shepherds, Genesis and Smokey.
We have a Quaker Parrot, Kiwi

What pets do you have at home?


December 21, 2011

Part 2 - Our 10th Anniversary & Giveaway!!!

(if you missed it you can read part 1, part 3 & part 4)

Me and hubby!
I was 16!
...I remember after returning home from visiting my Aunts new in-laws, that I could not stop thinking about Daniel. I had never really had what they call a “crush” before… so all this was new to me. All I knew was that at random times during the day, no matter what I was doing, my mind would recall memories I had of him.  I would go off in a daze and remember the way he walked (remembering the image I had of him walking, then running towards the truck the first time I seen him).  I would remember him riding on my little brothers moped… if my mind had been using actual film, I think after about a weeks time I would have worn the film down to nothing! I played the images over and over and over in my head.  I couldn’t shake this no matter how hard I tried and I didn’t really get why I was so fascinated by him.

As a couple months passed by, I still would think of him, very often. Each time I would think of him I would tell myself I was crazy… he had shown absolutely NO interest in me, and I had not shown any interest in him the one time I was around him! I felt like an absolute idiot, for each time my Aunt and/or new Uncle would drive up, my heart would start to pound and butterflies would begin to do cartwheels in my stomach at the thought of the possibility of Daniel being with them!

A few times during those months, he actually would be with them… and I was an absolute clumsy, stuttering, jittery imbecile!  It would be as if something, or someone else had taken over my body and I had no control over anything I said or did!  After each time he would leave I would replay in my mind the things I had spoken and I would BEAT MYSELF UP over how idiotic I sounded. WHY DID I SAY THAT? WHY IN THE WORLD DID I SAY THAT? I can look back on all of it now and laugh out loud… but it wasn’t too funny to me at the time.

It had gotten to a point where I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to find out if he even knew I existed! If he didn’t… I needed to just get him out of my head! So the next time my Aunt and her new husband came over I somehow summoned up enough courage to ask them. I asked them if there was any way they could possibly ask Daniel if he would be interested in coming over. Just to sit, visit and chat with me… so that we might get to know each other a little better. Don’t ask me the exact words I used, because back then I was so shy, I’m sure as soon as the words had escaped my lips, I had no idea what they were, my hands and knees trembling the entire time.

The two just looked at me strange for a few moments, and then laughed (yeah, really good for the ego there… ) My Aunts husband agreed to talk to him and see if he would be interested. My Aunt pulled me aside to talk to me, and asked me if I knew he wasn’t really that cute.  I informed her that I remembered what he looked like. (I never told her, how could she have known, that I simply couldn’t get him out of my mind!)

My Aunt and her husband came over to visit us almost every single night. Each night I would be sure to have on my prettiest clothes, my hair fixed just right, and sit with my stomach in my throat until I would hear the truck pull up in the driveway. For three days I did this, and each day I was disappointed because he was not with them. They never told me what he said about the invitation, but each night he was busy and had something to do, or somewhere he needed to go. I took this as my answer… he was not interested in me, and I could now go on with my young life.

The fourth day I was a little down… I had wasted so much time thinking about this boy, it was so dumb of me! Exhausted from dressing up each night… and quite frankly, I had run out of pretty clothes to wear… this night I put on a pair of my little brothers shorts that fit really loose and hit right about my knees… I pulled my curls up in a scrunchi on top my head… I gave my eyes a break and left my glasses on instead of putting in my contacts… why worry about lip gloss?  I would just be sitting on the sofa listening to the radio or watching TV. I put on my most comfortable t-shirt that hung loosely and was sooo soft!  I had just snuggled up on the sofa with my moms favorite quilt and clicked on the TV. when I heard my Aunt and her hubbies truck drive up.  I hopped up off the sofa to unlock the door, and jogged back to my warm spot on the couch. 

A few minutes later the door opened and they walked in… first my Aunt…. then her hubby…. then EEEAAAKKK,  DANIEL!!!

I think right about that time I started to hyperventilate… I wanted to sink into the back of the sofa and evaporate into the fibers! I dressed up every single night!!!  I looked the best I could every single night!!!  Why, oh why, Dear Jesus, did he have to come the one night I decided to just be sloppy and comfortable?!?!?!  I wanted to cry, I wanted to hide, I wanted to scream!  I was so happy he was there… but I was so unhappy it was on this night!!  I simply excused myself for a moment, and hysterically ran into the bathroom to fix my frizzy mop as fast as I possibly could… there was nothing I could do in there about the jean boy shorts I was wearing… or the sloppy shirt I had on.  I smeared some lip gloss on my lips and put my contacts on in record speed. I then headed back out towards the living room about as nervous as I have ever been in my entire life! What was it about him? What was it about this boy that had such a hold on me?



December 20, 2011

Puppy milk recipe & Bridal Shower Theme

The little pup picture taken early this morning!

Status update on the puppy!!! … the remaining female German Shepherd Puppy is doing just fine thus far… I came across a recipe for a calorie and protein rich formula for baby pups… I thought I would share it with you, just in case any of you are ever in need of such a recipe!

10 oz of goat milk (you can find pure goat milk in a can in your local grocery store.)
1 cup of plain yogurt (not non fat… you need the full fat)
1 egg yolk
½ teaspoon of Karo Syrup/Corn Syrup

Place all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Warm what you need (never feed a puppy cold milk!) pour into a baby bottle and give it to the puppy! The left over’s can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days. You may need to poke extra holes in the nipple if the mixture is a little too thick for the pup to suck without getting exhausted.

She was so full she almost seemed miserable after the first time she was actually able to have a full little belly.  I think we will become very attached to this little pup.  I looked up German names yesterday to see if I could find a good fit for her… I think I found it….

MILLIEwhich means Strength, Determination, Hard Worker

Okay, Bridal Shower Ideas!!

I wrote around Thanksgiving time that I was selected to be the Matron of Honor in my husbands nieces wedding!!  Bethanie is getting married on March 17th of this year and I am getting ready to plan her shower. I'm thinking the end of January would be a good time.
She LOVES COFFEE, and her kitchen is done in Coffee art… all over! She doesn’t actually own a coffee maker yet though… so we were thinking of throwing her a Coffee Themed Bridal Shower!!

 I love this invite!!

I found some awesome decoration ideas… and was wondering if any of you had any additional ideas or thoughts that could add to this? I am having so much fun with this theme, because I myself am a coffee lover!

I was thinking we could do a coffee bar and do coffee taste tests/creamer taste test
We live in South Louisiana, and most everyone here drinks only Community Coffee... nothing else compares... so I am thinking that it would be better to do a creamer taste testing instead of coffee... since we have already found the perfect coffee :)

I was thinking of having biscotti, bagels, coffee cakes, thumb print cookies... etc. for the desserts. 

The center pieces I found are vases filled with coffee beans with either tea light candles or flowers in the center... SOO CUTE! 

Instead of confetti, we can put coffee beans on the tables. 

Party favors can be bags with coffee or cocoa tied shut and accented with chocolate dipped spoons!

I was thinking that we could have a plain white coffee cup/saucer that we pass around and sign for the Bride-to-be to keep instead of a guest book. 

Okay ladies... this is my first time planning anything like this... please chime in!!


December 19, 2011

German Shepherd Puppies & Early Christmas Gifts

I am a bit heart broken this morning as I write you... :(

We have two German Shepherds, one male and one female.  Saturday morning we found that our female, Genesis, had 8 puppies.  This came as quite a surprise, we didn't even know she was pregnant... she showed no signs at all!  When my son went to feed them, he noticed the puppies and called for my husband to come see, when they started taking count, Genesis got up and walked around... it was then they discovered that she had sat on three of them, and they suffocated : (. 

We moved her to a warmer spot in our garage, it was pretty cold the night she had them and the poor pups were cold, she more than likely climbed on top of them on purpose to try and warm them. If only we had known... we just didn't know.  That's only the beginning.... at this point, out of eight pups, we only had five survivors, four looked very well and one looked lethargic and frozen.  I took that one inside and warmed him up until he started moving around, then I re-introduced him to Genesis. 

All seemed well, the pups were sucking... it seemed as if they were feeding well. 

After a little while we noticed some of the pups were beginning to be sluggish, not moving around as much.  We left the house for a couple of hours Saturday night and when we returned, we noticed that two of the pups had ventured far away from Genesis and the rest of the puppies... so I took those two inside to warm them up as I had did the first one.. they were so cold, poor little guys. 

That's when we decided we needed to take them all, Genesis included, inside the house.  She is kind of clumsy, and had stepped and sat on a few many times while we were outside with her... we thought this would be best because we could really keep an eye out for the puppies. When we returned outside to gather Gen and the rest of the pups, she was moving them... digging a hole to put them in... the noticed I had taken the other two inside and I guess she was scared that I would take the rest away as well.  In the rush of trying to protect them, she caught one of the pups under the arm and slung him... gashing under his arm pretty badly. :(

We recovered all of the pups and brought them all inside with us. Sunday morning when we woke up all the pups seemed to be doing fine, just moving around a little less than they were when we first found them. Later Saturday afternoon, however, we found two more pups dead... suffocated like the other three.  So now we were down to only three puppies. One of the three was very small, the runt... another survivor was the one with the huge gash under his little arm... and the third was a strong female who was always searching for her moms milk, grunting and crying. 

Upon closer examination of the pups Saturday night, we noticed their tongues were almost drying up... we couldn't figure out what was going on... then we realized after examining Genesis, she was not producing any milk!!!  These poor puppies had gone all this time without eating... they were sucking, but not getting anything!  I ran to the store as fast as I could and grabbed some cans of goats milk. 

My husband is a type 1 diabetic, so we had syringes to use to hand feed the little gals. We warmed the milk and went away at feeding these hungry little babies.  Despite our efforts, it was too late for the small runt, she was too far dehydrated to bring her back :'(... we lost her.  This morning the one with the gash under her arm, was almost gasping for air... poor girl will not make it through the day. 

The third little puppy... the last of the eight... is eating very well and starting to get stronger with each feeding. I hope and pray that this one makes it.  We are waking every two to three hours to feed the little one.

I will keep you posted on how she does. This was Genesis' first litter, poor thing.

Also, on another note. I gave one of my homemade Christmas presents early this year. My father-in-law passed away in February of 2010. My mother-in-law was going to give his clothes to the local nursing home, knowing that most of them are in need of good clothes.  I stopped her one day and asked her if I could have a few of his most worn button down shirts... I knew I wanted to make something of them, I just wasn't exactly sure what it was going to be at that moment.  I removed all patches, buttons, pockets, and seams from the shirts to make sure I got the most usable fabric I could. 

A couple of months ago, I figured out what I was going to do with them... I would make a memory quilt for his children.  I made one for my sister-in-law, Misty... my father-in-laws nick name for her was "sugar baby", and I made sure to stitch that into the quilt, as well as her favorite scripture, Phil. 4:13. 
On the back of the quilt, I used one of his pockets, the ones that had his name embroidered over the top already, as my quilt label. I left the pocket usable so they could store their favorite pictures, or write down their favorite memories and place them in the pocket. 

I made one for my sister-in-law, one for my brother-in-law, Matthew, and will be making one soon for my husband.  They loved it! Tears were shed... I really was hoping that they would use the quilts... they are not large, just lap quilts... but they both said they are going to pick them up.

Here are some pictures my sister-in-law took of it...  I blurred out my information on the label... and yes, my father-in-laws name was Uston... pronounced Houston without the H sound. She kind of took the picture of the top of it at a strange angle... but you get the point.  I did all the trim in black, as to not take away from the clothes fabric, but to actually make each of them highlighted in a sense. I got the pattern idea from Tea Rose Home!

 Top of the quilt

Back of the quilt with the pocket label... 

Well.... that's my ramble for today!


December 15, 2011

Part 1 - Our 10th Anniversary & GIVEAWAY!!!

(You can now read part 2part 3 & part 4)
Me and hubby,
 I was 15! :)

I am so blessed to be able to say that as you are reading this... my husband and I are preparing to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! We were married on February 1, 2002! We have been through so much together in the last 13 years (when we started dating I was only 15 years of age.) Who would have guessed back then that we would stay together, in love with each other, this many years down the road?  Who would have guessed that we would still look at each other with that spark in our eyes, even with four kids running circles around us?

I have decided to write about our lives together, in segments... I don't want it to be such a lengthy post.

Also... at the conclusion of my segments... I will be giving to one blessed lady who comments on any of the posts this wonderful book:

The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage!

To start...

When I was 15 years of age, my Aunt and her newly wed husband came to my mothers home for a visit. While they were there chatting about this and that, my new Uncle-in-law asked me if I had a "boyfriend" I stated that I did NOT have a boyfriend, and in fact, was not interested in having one. (Might I add that most of my family were not in church at the time, only myself and my grandmother were...) I was having too much fun hanging out with my friends to worry about a boyfriend.. pfth.. :-)  He informed me that he had two younger brothers and would love for me to meet them. I shrugged it off... I had no time for boys and they lived so far away from me... a good 30 minute drive! That is a long distance relationship for someone who only has a drivers permit! I didn't really give the conversation a second thought after that day... until a few weeks later.

My Aunt and new Uncle came once again for a visit, and asked if I would like to accompany them to meet my Aunts new in-laws. (They had a VERY short engagement and no one had really met his side of the family before they eloped.. yes, that kind of marriage.)  I hesitantly agreed, under the condition that my younger brother join us as well. I was very bashful when I was younger and the thought of being in a home with numerous people I did not know somewhat scared me!  You see, even though my new Uncle had only two younger brothers, he also had a younger sister, three older sisters and an older brother. There were eight of them in total, not to mention the nieces, nephews and parents who were always around. A house FULL of people I did not know. Anyway, my brother had a moped and was anxious to be able to drive it. I had heard that my new Uncle lived in the country and thought that this would give him the opportunity to be able to ride at his hearts content.

The drive there seemed to take forever! 30 minutes with four people crammed in the little red dented pickup... it was a stick shift at that, a very jumpy, bumpy ride. When we started to get near their home it began to rain, not hard.. just a drizzle, enough to have to use the squeaky wipers. As we rounded a bend and began to head down a gravel driveway, the truck came to a slowing stop, apparently for no reason. When I looked up, I noticed my Aunt and new Uncle looking outside of my passenger window. I followed their glance and spotted through the rain splattered window, the shape of two boys walking in the distance. The two figures, one taller and one shorter, were walking in our direction. No one said anything, but I put two and two together and guessed that these were the brothers I was told about.

Before I could even see their faces, I was instantly drawn to the "taller" one. The way he moved with each step... I guess you could say his strut?, it mesmerized me in a sense. Around that time the rain started to really pour down and the two figures began to run towards us. They both jumped in the back of the truck with the moped and we drove the rest of the way down the drive to their home.

We didn't stay at their home for long... I remember seeing lots of fabric and pattern pieces laying on the kitchen table along with a sewing machine. There were also dresses in bags hanging from hooks around the kitchen area. Apparently our visit was unexpected and they had just steam cleaned their area rugs and carpets. The mother kept apologizing about the house and the wet carpets. She also informed us that she had been making bridesmaid dresses for an upcoming wedding, hence the patterns and dresses. :)

Sometime during our visit, it stopped raining. My brother was eager to ride his bike and I'm guessing the two brothers were as well because we all loaded back into the truck and drove a short distance (down the road) to a levee that had wooded area on both sides of it. The levee was next to a water lock. The woods had a trail cut through it by neighborhood boys to drive their 4-wheelers in... it was perfect for driving the moped! All of the boys had their turn on it. I remember when the older brother, the taller one, had his turn. He looked odd on this little moped, he was too tall for it and his knees seemed to be up to his neck as he drove it into the woods.

There was still something about him... something that gently demanded my attention. I often wonder now, if this attraction wasn't God whispering to my soul "He is the one I have chosen for you." It wasn't that he was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen... he was a little rough looking, with dirty blond shaggy/curly hair and big smokey blue eyes. He had a deep tan that was covered with a sun burn and it was not attractive at all. He had broad shoulders and a slim waste that resembled a mighty mouse physique. Now, I'm not trying to make fun of him... just showing that I really had no reason to be attracted to him, but I was! 

I don't think I heard his voice that entire day. I guessed he was a man of few words. I did learn, through hearing others talk to him, that his name was Daniel......

My mother loved to take pictures... I didn't. I can't remember 
why his shirt was wet like that! ha ha & My glasses were HUGE for my face!
To be continued...


December 13, 2011

Grevemberg Plantation Home Visit & Santa!

Hi Everyone!!

This weekend I took my kids to a local Plantation Home Museum, it's called the Grevemberg Plantation Home. This home was built in 1851 and is just absolutely beautiful! The beds, pictures, desks, sewing machines, toys... simply everything in this home is original to it's era. For those of you who love History, or Antiques.. this is a must visit!!

Collage of pictures taken... simply beautiful!

Every year for Christmas they decorate the home as it would have been decorated for Christmas time in the 1800's.  Admission is discounted to 1.00 per person, and 5.00 for a picture package. There was a lovely man there who took pictures of our family around Santa and emailed them to me the same day. (pictures in this post (: ) My son didn't want to travel along with us out of fear of boredom... bahhh humbug. My oldest and youngest daughters each brought along a friend though, and they had a BLAST! My oldest daughter had her Iphone and took pictures of EVERYTHING!  I don't have access to those right at this moment.. but will be posting them at a later date. 
As soon as my youngest was able to see Santa, she grabbed my leg with both arms and would not let me go.. lol. Notice the beautiful dresses the women wore!

I never believed in santa growing up... and my two oldest children never believed in him either. My 7 year old said she wanted to believe in him.. so I told her that was her choice. My youngest never believed until we left the Grevemberg House... and now she says she LOVES HIM! lol. 

 Santa giving my 7 year old a hug... he made everyone hug him...

 Even my eleven year old and her friend.. lol...

My three beautiful daughters! 

Here's the whole gang who joined us... some of them were not happy about taking a picture.

Santa made it a little better when he gave each of them a stuffed animal and a candy cane! We received a Tiger, Piglet, Dumbo, Baboon and Mickey Mouse! 

They had such a great time!  I will not wait so long to visit again!


Ornament Winner!!!


drum roll......

Ellen Stumbo who said....
Your tree is up, I am so jealous! That is the plan for Friday! We are all excited about it!
Since you came to visit and invited me over, I decided to stop by and stay a while :)

Yay... thank you for commenting on one of my Rambles Ellen!!
Please take a minute to send me your mailing address and I will get this send out to you!

Have  a wonderful day everyone!


December 7, 2011

My Bible and my Grandma :)

By the time I was seven years old, my mom had left our family. My two younger brothers and I were taken care of by my father, that is until I was about twelve years of age, when he decided he could no longer do it alone so decided to not do it at all. We were brought to my grandmothers home, and she raised me until I met my wonderful husband. My two brothers have just recently left her home.

My grandmother is the truest form of a Proverbs 31 woman if I have ever known one. I pray to become even a portion of the woman she is. She gives and gives and gives of herself tirelessly without complaint and never asks for anything in return.
She lives a very simple life, with very few luxuries outside of a nonstick cooking pan and food processor. 
My Grandma :)

Every single Sunday, without fail, my entire family congregates to my grandmothers house after church for a huge supper! She always has a full five course meal, complete with a salad and desert. Nothing comes from a box, nothing comes from a can... everything is homemade, right down to the peach cobbler! (I'll post the recipe soon!)

My grandmother is the person who inspired me to be so creative. She can sew anything you can think of and have it turn out perfectly!
She bought me my first sewing machine when I was six or seven.. and I was hooked ever since.
When I was about the same age... she gave me a string of yarn and a crochet needle and showed me how to single stitch. I could single stitch a line to China, and just about did that morning.  After a while I asked her to show me how to connect the single strand to begin making something... and she did. However, it takes much longer and is more (how shall I say) mundane to crochet than it is to sew something. Till this day, twenty years later, I have only finished one (small) lap blanket, a couple of beanie hats, and a pair of camo hand warmers for my hubby.

Sewing has a much faster gratification rate.. :)

Now that you have followed me down the rabbit trail... time to come back to the original path... my grandma.

I honestly do not know how she does it. 

She has a green thumb out of this world! She can grow anything you can imagine. I don't know how many times I have taken a plant from her home... so vibrant, lush, and beautiful... within a week it's a stringy, sickly plant struggling for survival!  & I do everything she says to do!!

She can go outside and use the saw, and build her own shelves, screen door, bed frame... box spring frame!! This is a little woman, about 5 feet tall and 79 years old! She can run CIRCLES around me.. and I'm only 28!

Every morning we would climb out of our beds in the morning to get dressed for school in the bathroom, by the time we would finish, our beds would be made.  She makes it all seem so easy!

One thing I will always remember about my grandmother...  is her waking before everyone else in the wee early morning hours. She would sit in her favorite chair next to the living room window with her cup of coffee sitting on the window seal.  She would lift the window blinds for the day, and begin to read her bible as the sun would rise into the sky.

She has begun her morning this way for all of my life. 
Her favorite scripture... and she has told me this numerous times...
is Psalm 46:10...

I had often thought about buying my grandmother a new bible. It wasn't until I became a mother, and purchased a bible that was a good fit for me.  You know EXACTLY what I am talking about... it's flexible... not too flexible, not to stiff. It's just the right size, not too big, not to small. The print is perfect... yeap... that's my bible. I purchased my perfect bible and over the years began to highlight in it... make notations in it... underline in it... I have post it notes in it. The cover of my bible has become dingy looking from the finger prints of little hands wanting to help me look inside or flip the pages while I read out loud to them. The cover has a permanent bend to it from being opened and read so much. 

It had once got to a point where I kind of cringed when I would see the shape of its cover... and thought about purchasing a new bible.  I went to the store and looked through the choices, but none of them was right... none of them was my bible.

When I got home and opened my bible... it felt like HOME! I am at home when I open my bible, its feel and pages are familiar... I have my notations in them... I remember the certain times in my life when this or that scripture really popped out at me and helped through that time. The only possible solution... was to sew a cover for it.  I LOVE my bible cover. It hides all the wear and tear without diminishing the at home feeling I have when I open it.

Front of the bible with my lame little fabric flower and rhinestone.. :) 

I made my others with a handle, but this one I just went simple with a tie closure!

It's equivalent to just painting your home versus moving into a different home. 

I realized that buying my grandmother a new bible would never make her happy... her bible, complete with it's cracked spine and worn leather.. is her home! That is why this Christmas... I am going to make her a bible cover.. with her favorite scripture on it! (I will be posting a tutorial on how to do this soon!)

I love my grandma... I love my bible.... I love my God! :)

Who, in your life, is the Proverbs 31 model?


December 6, 2011

Book Review - Living Close To God

I have to admit, it took me a little while to get through this book, just because a lot of the things he shares with us, is repetitive. I was almost a little bored with it. After the initial ah hah, interesting moments in the book, it is looked at in very close detail. He mentions over and over again that he was writing this book so that very simple people could understand how to meditate on the word of God and use it as your own prayer.  I do believe he has accomplished this.

I never realized before just how in-depth you could meditate on the written word. He shares with you how to simply slow down… how to empty your mind… memorize and mediate on each word you say as you pray. This information will stay with me for years to come, and I’m sure I will put this into practice.

I do have a strong relationship with my Lord and Savior, and I don’t think this book necessarily applied to me, but the information was still useful all the same. Even if I never have to practice his principles, I’m sure I will run across someone who I can share this with… who will benefit from it.

I am from Louisiana, as is the author, and I really had a lot in common with things he wrote about culturally. I enjoyed that.

You can view the first few pages of this book here:

I gave this book a rating of 2.5 out of 5. 

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. The opinions are my own and I was not obligated to write a positive review. 


December 1, 2011

Friends group - Girls Ministries

If I could choose only one thing to teach the Jr. High girls in my class, it would be to never loose sight of God. No matter what you are going through in your life, no matter how horrible the circumstances seem, He is always in control, He is always by your side... sometimes you simply need to get out of His way and let Him guide you. 

Trying to find how many times the word PURE appears 
in a chapter in Exodus. (next 6 weeks we focus on Purity)!

I want my girls to have a deep, loving relationship with God. I want them to understand their importance in this world... to understand how very valuable they are in the sight of the Lord. No matter what they experience at home, or school, to never forget that they are true Princesses... daughters of the one and only King of Kings. 

I've been through so much in my life, looking back I wish I had someone to tell me how important I was to God... and that He could, and would, use me if only I allowed Him to. Sometimes the one thing standing in our way is ourselves.

God will never leave you, He will never hurt you, He will be the one constant that you can depend on in your life. Humans will fail you, will hurt you, will let you down. It's a fact, we are not perfect... He IS.
Answering thought provoking questions... 

I'm still trying to get to know the girls in my class. Learn their personalities, find out about their home life and where they come from; what their likes and dislikes are, their hobbies, talents.
Yes, they are fabulous!  (one left before we could take the picture) :(

I have learned over the last couple of classes, that a LOT of the girls can draw VERY GOOD! I am wanting to find some ways to help them develop this into a way to worship the Lord.

I asked them last night to try and draw these anime characters praying... worshiping God and such.
If they come up with some really neat drawing, I would go and buy them some canvases to work on for us to be able to display them in our room! How awesome would that be?!

There are a few other girls who can sing very well. I need to figure out a way we can use their voices in class! Any suggestions?

We were short a few girls last night, we had 5 and we usually have about 3 or 4 more. 
She is pretending to work... :)