About Me

 Still under construction! So please excuse the mess.... let me clear a spot for you right here...

What's that? Me? Well, I would much rather talk about you but okay...

I invite you in with open arms, please sit and make yourself comfy as I pour you a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. I was going to just offer you coffee, but I forget not everyone loves coffee like I do... especially with hazelnut creamer... HEAVEN!  Well, enough about coffee, let me open my heart and give you a little insight on me.

My name is Angel. I am married to my best friend, Daniel, and we have four beautiful children together. I work full time outside and inside the home. I have a habit of committing to much more than I can sanely handle... thankfully sanity doesn't get in the way too often. I love to write letters and in cards the old fashioned way... you know... by hand. I believe it's much more personal than receiving a text or email. I also love to pen pal, so if you would like to write me, let me know!

10 year vow renewal!
After ten years of God placing it on my heart to begin a girls ministry for pre-teens, He has opened doors and I am finally fulfilling my calling. I love working with these girls and will often write about them.

I am an addict of many things... here are a few of my addictions:

Betterment of myself - I am constantly trying to study the bible and read books to help me become more like Jesus. My focus right now is "Less of me... more of You". More of Jesus, more of my husband, more of my children, more of you guys and everyone around me... just less of me.

Pinterest - I have so many ideas for different projects rolling around in my mind there's no way I could realistically complete them all... even if the good Lord decided to give me 150 years on this earth... well.. okay... maybe then.

Coffee - I love coffee... at any time of the day. Hot coffee, cold coffee, iced coffee, coffee ice cream, coffee cake. If there's hazelnut creamer in there somewhere even better! I also really enjoy a glass of Sweet Ice Tea!

Blogs - I just love reading blogs of like minded Christian women... you guys inspire me and I love you!

Crafting - ohhh... I don't know how I could ever live without crafting. It's a way for me to vent, and express myself, all in one. It doesn't matter what I'm doing either... writing, sewing, painting, drawing, crocheting... any type of art will do!

I am NOT, however, addicted to cleaning... which is a bummer... but I'm learning, slowly, veerryy slowly. Which is why I needed to clear a spot for you to sit when we began this introduction.

I love the Lord with all of my heart. I love the way He just meets you, right where you are, right in the middle of your mess... and mess I have. I went through lots of heart aches growing up. Through it all the only one who I could depend on was God. He was my one and only constant in life, He was always there... and is here still.

I thank you for stopping in for a moment and listening to me ramble. I often ramble on about my life and my walking with the Lord. I ramble about my days, my crafting, my revelations... I LOVE two way conversations as well... so feel free to write me about anything you wish! I would love to hear about you, and your life, and to read your blog!

Email Me!

I hope to see you again soon,
All my LOVE!


Jen Ferguson said...

Hi there! I couldn't find your email address, so I'm leaving a comment here. I have an idea for an art piece for you. If you want to discuss, just drop me a line --

Ashley said...

Well hello there! :) I really like your blog. Like, a lot! (x 10!) And I love Jesus... and I love mail. (We have a lot in common, don'tcha agree?) If you're interested in exchanging mail, please let me know. I can't find a contact button on your site, but feel free to stop by my blog: mamarae.weebly.com You can contact me that way, if you'd like! :) Blessings + Cheer! :)