January 31, 2011

R.I.P. Brother!!!

So my Brother sewing machine died last night! AAAGGGHHHHH… knee deep in the middle of orders and it just DIED!
So my wonderful husband just called me to say that he has purchased me a replacement until I can get the wonderful upgrade I have been wanting!  (He thinks I broke it on purpose just so I could get that upgrade…. Should have thought about that earlier.. but was not the case :)  ).
This is what I accomplished before the darn thing decided to stop in its tracks..

Cute onesie order with the initial "Z"

Here is the mac daddy that killed my Brother!!! Notice the one shoe, the other shoe was in the making! lol This was to be my first boys onesie outfit. Initial D in green patterned fabric and kimono style shoes.

Oh, and my first attempt at a burp cloth... CUTE!!!  It is a free gift to match the "Z" onesie pictured above. It was done in coordinating Damask Fabric with an accented pink Z.

And the  time consuming oh so cute diaper wipe case that matches the damask onesie set I have been selling like crazy!

ALSO, I have decided to feature an Etsy shop or a blog once a week, so be looking for that soon!  I will start looking around for my first feature today!!!!

Happy sewing


January 28, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, I have really been busy here lately!  Yesterday was Diva's birthday, and tonight she will have a few friends over for a sleep-over. So she is really excited about that!

I have been making more and more little onesie creations, with the matching booties and hair bows.  I have a little boy onesie up next, I can't wait to see how that turns out.

I actually have so many different things on my to do list, I have no idea how I will ever be able to get them all done :)

Here are a few items I have made recently... everyone seems to love the black and white damask fabric initial onesies!

This one was made with the initial A

This one I made with cream and white damask fabric on a pink onesie. I made the matching bow as usual, but instead of the little booties, I made a ruffle butt pant to match.

Here was another custom order, same as the A, but in a 3-6 month size and with the initial O for Olivia.

Here is the set all boxed up and ready to ship.

Cutie Pie Tie onesie made especially for a little boy named Carter. (I am still waiting on the picture of him in it from his mommie)

I have also made wonderful progress on the spa wrap order I received... here is the very blurry photo I have of them as of last night. My camera went dead due to Diva talking and texting everyone for her birthday, so I had to use Hubbys phone to take the photo, and apparently his camera eye is all scratched up creating a fog like effect.

The Mini Spa Hair Wraps were ordered in the color Lime Green with Turquoise Peace Signs on half, and Pink Peace Signs on the other half.

Happy Sewing,

January 26, 2011

Crochet Skull Cap!

Last night I decided to try my hand at crochet again.  I used to crochet years ago, and figured it would probably be a little like riding a bike.. pick it up and give it a go!  I was right!  I made this pretty Skull Cap for The Queen!  Ignore the food around the face area here :).

She loves it, and now Diva and Tinker Bell want one!  I guess I will buying yarn now as well!  I found this simple and oh so cute pattern for free here at YOUCANSEWTHIS Created by Tip Top Applesauce...  Instead of making the flowers to place on the cap, I just clipped an already created bow, my way of being lazy creative!


Happy Sewing...

January 24, 2011

Cute and Easy Leg Warmer Tutorial!

Here is my first attempt at a Tutorial :) .  I can not take credit for this pattern, I found it online somewhere, however I am not sure where I first seen it and have since found many like it. So, here it goes...

First you take a pair of knee high socks like these....

Then you cut out the heel and toe portion like below... 

You do this for both socks, and discard the heel and toe portion you removed...

Take the small tube part of the sock that was located between the heel and toe part, and fold it in half as shown below...

Sew this part in half (I use a zig zag stitch so it remains streatchable)...

It will look simular to below once you are finished...

You then take the above sewn portion and place it around the long sock piece you have remaining where the raw edges are together like this...

Now you sew these together using a zig zag stitch again...

When you turn the cuff part right side out, you should have two pairs of leg warmers like the pair below...

Here is another pair I made a while back

 just showing how each will look different depending on the sock... I also made a pair in navy blue for my 6 year old to wear to school.  It matches their uniform colors and are perfect in cooler weather when she wears skirts or shorts :)

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!!!

Happy Sewing,


Spa Hair Wraps!

I had an inquiry for about 14 of these mini spa hair wraps for a little girls birthday party. I think the inquirer may have changed her mind, but I decided to make about six anyway. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to get a jump start on the order, and if she did in fact change her mind, then I can use these for Diva’s birthday party next weekend. :)
Here is the stack wraps cut out and ready to sew up!

Here is a picture of one of my lovely new shop labels… LOVE THEM!

Happy Sewing!

January 21, 2011

Code names & Inspiration

So for those of you who do not know my family personally… here will be the code names for my family. :)

Husband – Hubby
11 yo Daughter – Diva
9 yo Son – Knuckle Head
6 yo Daughter – Tinker bell
3 yo Daughter -  The Queen

On a different topic being the sleep deprived mother that I always am, I usually have no time at home to search blogs (between house chores and orders)… but my lunch breaks at work are another thing entirely! (who needs food right?)
During those moments to myself, I have come across quite a few blogs that have inspired me so much, I would like to share them with you now!
Check out these wonderful tutorials by clicking the pictures below... thank you so much to Create and Delegate!


   I have created the beautiful and easy dress below for The Queen, I will post pictures of it later.

I have also made the item below

 In a baby onesie form :)

I will be posting more later!
Happy Sewing!!

Working on Grandparents Pillows for Valentines Day!

Well, I am currently working on an order of 6 pillows for Valentines day.  A wonderful woman contacted me to see if I would be able to create 6 Grandparents pillows for her daughters to give as Valentines gifts.  These pillows were named Grandparents pillows because on the back of them, I include the handprint of the grandchild. The wonderful woman has mailed me the tracings of her daughters hand prints and they will be applied in coordinating fabric on the back of the pillows she ordered.

I have began working on three of the six pillows.  I am waiting on the receipt of fabric I ordered for the others.
One of them is for “Omi D” I was told she loves the color green. Another is for Nanna, I was told to use  creams and light pretty colors. The last I have began working on is for Gramps, I was told he works in construction and loves to fix things. This is what I have for each of them so far.

This is a pillow that was finished for Christmas, showing the grandchilds handprint on the back.

This is the pillow started for Omi D and the fabrics being used.

This would be the pillow started for Nanna..

This would be the pillow started for Gramps :)

I'll post updates of these as well as the other three once they are started.

What do you think?

Happy Creating!!!


January 20, 2011

My "slowly" expanding Etsy shop!

Well Hello!
I actually have an Etsy shop I opened a couple of months ago. I am starting to add to it, very slowly, but adding all the same.  Between laundry, dishes, cooking, working, four kids, etc… it’s soooo difficult to get in some good sewing time. Usually I sew between the hours of 9 – 12 p.m. After work, after the kids are settled for bed, but before every ounce of energy has left my body.  
Now that depends on if I am sewing just to sew, or if I am sewing for orders.  If I have an order that needs to be completed, I start sewing at 6 p.m. and do not quit until it’s completed, or until I can no longer see straight, lol.. whichever comes first!
I love coming up with new ideas, and learning new techniques. Usually when there is a birthday party, baby shower, or the like in our family, I will experiment with sewing their gifts and photograph away. When I am happy with the outcome, I will post in my shop to be customized and sold.
I would love to share my sewing journey with you!

Happy Sewing!