May 14, 2012

Beautiful Gifts I Gave...

My Grandmother, the beautiful woman who raised me... reads her bible each and every morning when she wakes... cup of coffee in her hand, she embraces the Word of God with all she has to give her strength to face the rest of her day. I'm sure if you have read any post of her in the past, you know by now that her favorite scripture is Psalm 46:10... Be still, and know that I am God. 

So this mothers day as I was searching for the perfect gift for her... I stumbled upon this Coffee mug created by Dayspring... and I thought HOW PERFECT?!  I don't think I could have found anything that would fit any better than this...

Be Still and Know - Sweet Bird - Christian Coffee Mug

So I placed it in the "shopping cart" but continued to look around just in case I found something I thought she might love better... with her favorite scripture.  That's when I found the mug below and decided I HAD to purchase it for my best friend Natasha!!  Oh, and when I gave my grandmother the mug... she decided it was too pretty to use daily... she put it on her shelf for decorations instead. lol.

Heaven Stuff - Christian Coffee Mug
Natasha is always saying she knows one day God is going to bless her with a mansion in this world on earth... and we laugh and joke about it.  When I read the mug It was too perfect! On the front it said "We'll be friends until the end of time..."  On the back it read "Then we'll hang out at each others mansions and what not... splash around in the chocolate fountain... you know, Heaven stuff."  and around the inside rim it had the scripture " A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17  Ahhh... how perfect was that?!  I added it in my cart and kept looking... Oh and by the way... she LOVED it! She said now each time she drinks coffee she will be reminded of my friendship, and that even if she doesn't get her mansion in this world... she will have on in Heaven waiting for her.  Before I hit purchase, I seen this mug...
Live by Faith - Christian Mug
I fell in love with it for ME!  The front says "Live by Faith. Grow in Grace. Walk in Love." The back says "Seek Peace. Over Flow with Hope. Be Filled With Joy"  I just couldn't walk away from it... but when I noticed that for the month of May Dayspring is having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on their mugs... I was ecstatic! 

and I had to share it with you... click below if your interested in this awesome deal!

I Will Bless You - Accordion Card Organizer

Also.. when I signed up for Daysprings Card Club... I received the above card organizer as a FREE GIFT!  I have been on cloud nine organizing all the beautiful cards.  It's really amazing to me... knowing that even as I touch and read these cards for the first time... God already knows which people in my life will receive them, and in what ways they will touch them.

Did I mention I LOVE DaySpring?!

Now... I would love to have one of these on my wall... maybe on either side of that mirror hanging in my livingroom over my sofa I posted about last month?  They are on sale as well! 20.00 off each of them!!!

What are your favorite DaySpring items?!  Do you know of any deals or discounts they have currently?! 


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