May 29, 2012

Do We Need Enemies?!

Do we need enemies?

The Necessity of an Enemy

What are their purpose… do they have a purpose?

I love the way Ron opens up the scriptures to show us how each obstacle we come across is actually a building block to a blessing.

 Even though no one likes to have enemies, without them you could perhaps never reach your full potential. Ron explains how each enemy we face gives us the opportunity to overcome… and to grow… to the next level of your spiritual growth.

God will always use ALL THINGS for His glory…

One of the things that really hit me, was when I read:

“Most people think that when they are going through a test in life, God is trying to teach them something. I disagree, because a good teacher does not use a test to teach you something… a test measures what you already know.”

I had never thought about that before in this way…

I do however, fell that the placement of the chapters, the whole “structure” of the book as one reviewer put it, was a little bit “off”.

Full of information gold nuggets… I didn’t find it as much a sit down, read, and absorb book as others.

If it was only structured a little differently, and the chapters outlined a little better, it would have improved my rating to a 5 star… the information is there… and it’s great… it’s just that you have to dig around to find it.

You can read a chapter in the book HERE! 

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."


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