May 15, 2012

Cypress Swing - how blessed am I?

Nothing in the world could ever top this gift… of all the things I have been given in my life (aside from the Grace of God) this has to be the best, most meaningful gift I have ever received.

There’s so much love behind every detail… so much planning and work.


First, he had to design the swing… he measured swings, took notes on the curves and the lengths and widths… he took notice of different swings hanging in yards, under car ports, and on front porches for ideas.

He purchased the tools he needed to complete the job.

The wood, Cypress, came from the home my husband helped his father tear down as a child… probably well over 100 years old by now. It’s amazing to me… how all those years ago, God watched as that little boy helped his father tear down an old home which housed a family many years before… and God knew, even then, that one day this little boy would use some of this Cypress to build a swing for his wife, to honor her for birthing him four children.

My husband hand selected each piece of wood he would use. He took each selected piece, cut off the old exposed surfaces to show the beauty of the wood beneath. He measured and cut each piece to the size he needed… and began to assemble the swing.

With much love and consideration he built it for me… It took time... precious time.

Everything used was stuff we already had on hand… not a dime was spend into the swing… but the time and energy put into it is worth far more than anything else he ever could have chosen to give me.

He asked me if I wanted to paint it and what color… ?! WHAT? No, not at all would I cover the beauty of this wood! He asked me what shade I wanted to stain it… although I usually love the dark color of stained wood… I wouldn’t dare mess with the natural raw beauty of this piece. I told him we would put a protective seal over it… and that was it. I wanted to keep it as natural as I could.

You know what… he hates this swing… every time he looks at it, he sees every mistake and mishap that’s in it… being his first swing.  He thinks that he is going to build me another “better” swing… one without mistakes, and we are going to sale this one.

He is wrongly mistaken… I love this swing… mistakes and all. It only adds to it’s charm in my opinion.

Oh… and here would be a picture of the flower my daughter gave me for mothers day… she tossed the pail it came in aside, and planted it right dab smack in the middle of the desolate flower bed of mine. (I’ve been meaning to plant there… really I have.)

And these… the heart shaped hand cut and hand colored confetti I walked through Mothers Day morning on my way to receive my gifts… after eating my breakfast in bed.

How wonderfully blessed am I!



farm chick said...

I love your bench! The history behind it makes it simply amazing! Beautiful !!

(Brittany @ Kids Email)

Anonymous said...

The swing is so lovely! I'd be happy too! Truly a blessing.

The Adventurer said...

What a great gift and I wouldn't sell it either. The mistakes are what make it so special, hope he realizes that one day:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH