February 20, 2007

God will provide!

Well, I was sitting here a few minutes ago and am starting to get pretty hungry. I looked around the kitchen, and realized, we have NO food in the house. lol. Nothing in the freezer except fish (which my DH said he wanted to cook, not to touch it) and some pork chops, but nothing to go with it.
I was trying to figure out what could be thrown together to eat when the phone rang... it was my Mother In Law asking me if I could use some food... her deep freezer went out and she didn't want all the food to go to waste. YAY!! Sorry, not yay that her freezer went out, but yay that I now have both ice box freezer and little freezer full of meat and side dishes! She had two frozen pizzas that were defrosted already, and said that I better cook them as soon as possible... NO PROBLEM! I smell it now. I much rather a home made meal.. but hey, it is free, and I am hungry, as I am sure the kids are.

DH went hunting last night and killed a Hog... !!!! So as soon as that gets cut up and sorted, we will have even more meat to last us a while.. God always finds a way to provide for his children!

February 18, 2007

Will 5 minute cleanings work???

O.K. I am going to try something new... I have been using 15 minute cleaning increments. But only clean one or two rooms a day, and buy the time the rooms get rotated, the rooms I get back to are destroyed again. I read on Candy's blog, that she only cleans for about 45 minutes a day... 45 MINUTES... AND HER HOUSE STAYS THAT CLEAN???? How does she do it.... then I decided, if I clean every room in my house for 5 minutes, every day... that would equal up to 35 minutes a day... I can break it up to 3 rooms at a time, then a break in between. It would still add up to about two 15 minute cleanings a day, it would be a little in each room, instead of the whole half hour in only two rooms. I wonder if this will work. I will still have my daily chores... such as

Monday clean
Windows (only 3) mirrors (only 1) t.v. and computer screen and toilets (2) and 2 loads of laundry a day.

Tuesday clean
sinks (3) tubs (2) shower, faucets (5) and 2 loads of laundry a day.

Wednesday clean
Mop, and vacuum carpets and 2 loads of laundry

Thursday clean
Appliances in and out (stove, icebox, microwave, washer and dryer) and 2 loads of laundry

Friday clean
Clear and wipe down surfaces and 2 loads of laundry

Saturday clean
Anything that didn't get done during the week.

Now... these are what I have scheduled to do during the week... but I have to admit.. I don't always get around to doing them all, sometimes I only get to one or two a week... but I think when I start cleaning each room a little a day... it might improve the overall appearance of my house. If I actually get to doing the above daily cleanings.. it will just be an extra... now it only takes about 5 minutes on Mondays, maybe 10 minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays take the longest.

I will try this new cleaning schedule out for at least 2 weeks and see how it works... I will let you all know if it's a keeper, or if it's a dud. lol.

I would love it to work... ONLY HAVE TO CLEAN EACH ROOM FOR 5 MINUTES A DAY TO HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE! That would be amazing!

February 10, 2007


Hi guys, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. The phone lines have been messed up for about a month now and I was not able to get online. I did go to the doctor, and had an ultrasound, I have since went back to the doctor and had another ultrasound (that's how long it has been since I have posted. lol.) The last ultrasound the baby had a bpm of 178, good strong heart beat. Everything is going good, and I am doing fine, besides the fact that I am tired all of the time, and I am starting to lack in school. This is my last semester, so I guess I can struggle up enough who ha to finish with a bang. Just wanted to post a quick update, now that I have Internet again, I can post a longer update later on. Thanks for reading, and thank you all for your prayers. I was so worried that something would go wrong with this pregnancy. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant, and approaching the second trimester very quickly. I am starting to relax, and just go with the flow now. Well, I need to go and wash a few more loads of laundry before I get to bed. Hubby is working most of the night tonight. I don't like it when he works late like that, I can't sleep until he gets home, so I wait up for him, which makes me tired the next day because I have to get up with the kids to let him sleep. The joys of parenting and being a loving wife. lol.