May 31, 2012

My Kids Are Part Time Morning People

My children are part time morning people.

Yes they are.

A typical school morning in my home- I begin to wake the children at 6:45 a.m.

Me: Wake up lovelies (because you know they all look peaceful when they sleep… like little angels)

I walk around to each childs bedside and gently nudge them, trying to wake them slowly.

They grumble and mumble and say that they are up and I walk away to get myself ready to face this bright new beautiful day that the Lord has made.

15 minutes later I realize that it’s still quiet… it shouldn’t still be quiet.

So I walk around to each bedside of each child and say a little firmer: You need to wake up right now, because I don’t want to be late bringing yall to school or getting to work myself (we are from the LOW South, and we say Ya’ll)

They open their eyes and look at me, sit up in the bed and assure me they are up…
So I go on my way to finish pinning my hair up in any resemblance of a bun I can manage and after all of 5 minutes head back into the bedroom…

Where all four children are, still, Fast Asleep.

I’m in a rage now and furious, all nudging gently and waking them slowly has since LONG gone out the window and I stand there clapping my hands loudly and screaming that if they do NOT get up right this instance I am going to pull them out of the beds by their toes… and almost do.

Finally they pull themselves out of the bed, crying that they don’t feel good and they are tired and they don’t want to go to school… but it doesn’t phase me at all... because I’m tired and I don’t want to go to work either.

After they are up, one eye cracked open the other still fused shut, hair in a mess half up in the air, the other half stuck fast to their face by dried saliva, they walk around like zombies trying to find their items.

With 5 minutes left to spare before we HAVE to be in the car and driving on the highway…

 One can’t find her belt.

One can’t find his shoes.

One can’t find her homework.

One’s still crying thinking I’ll give in and let her stay home.

We pile into the car with hair brushes flying, belts and shoes being pushed on and one of them says:

“Why can’t you wake us up earlier in the mornings?”

I grip the steering wheel a little tighter and say a silent prayer for Peace, for Grace, for Jesus to be shown through me instead of Satan who wants me to turn around and rip their heads off.

After the kids are dropped off at school, and I drive to work in the quiet, I take in a DEEP breath, and exhale slowly… we survived another morning… another week.

Friday Night: We can sleep in tomorrow morning, Thank you Jesus for days of rest… I need this to recover from the weeks past.

Saturday Morning 6:00 a.m. : I wake to noise… what’s that noise? Kids… all up… all happy… all watching t.v. or outside… all dressed… no one is crying, they found everything they needed to get dressed, and no ailments to be heard of.

My kids are part time morning people. 


Prompted by Mama's Losin' It!
Mama's Losin' It
Prompt 1.) Is your child a morning person? Share a story that supports your opinion.


Trissy-T said...

I love that! Aren't kids so funny! Mine are the same way, when I have to be up and out the door by a certain time, they would sleep till 10, but on my day off, they are up at 6!

Laural Out Loud said...

It's like you've been watching the morning routine in MY house! Lol. The only difference is I only have one to get off to school (while the toddler prances around underfoot trying to send us flying down to the ground). Your picture is PRICELESS.