May 2, 2012

Christian Card Club?! YES PLEASE!

Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I had a package waiting for me! Two packages actually! I was so super excited, I LOVE packages waiting for me! It's like Christmas time! 

What were in the packages you say? ahhh...  it was so wonderful!

I received one package from (in)RL! It contained my beautiful new (in)RL shirt, and a BEAUTIFUL... do you hear me? BEAUTIFUL! Pack of Dayspring cards titled Simply Marvelous!

I was on cloud nine opening and reading each of these cards, seeing in my mind and feeling in my heart just which person in my life each card would be perfect for!  The shirt! Well, I am wearing it today... super comfortable! I like very much!

I told you that I received TWO packages right? Well, at first I had only seen this one... when I went back into my livingroom I noticed on the floor near the coffee table a second, smaller, package. I opened that one to find out it was from Dayspring!!

What could have been better than that?! You see I joined Daysprings heart Connection Card Club!  What is that you might ask?!  Well, you sign up for a monthly subscription... each month you will receive 10 best selling Christian cards! The best part!!! You can go online and pick the pack you would like to receive, or let them surprise you... and if you don't have the room in your budget for the cards in a current month... simply "skip" receiving them at no charge to you. You can also cancel your subscription to the club at any time. 

I received a free pack of cards (and should have a free gift on the way) for signing up! I also added to my package a pack of cards I found on sale.  So the small box included TWO ADDITIONAL DAYSPRING CARD PACKS... thats THREE Dayspring Card Packs in one day! Me and my oldest daughter spent the next hour or so reading each card from cover to cover... and I spent additional time picking which card for which person and writing words of encouragement in them to be mailed off. 

These cards are BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Worth so much more than any card you could buy from the store. I promise you I am not getting paid for advertising for them... they are just THAT good! 


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Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Ok... THAT is a good mail day! I love DaySpring's cards. They are always so beautiful! The card club is such a great idea because we can always use a good card for someone special! :)