May 14, 2012

Was I An Extra Great Mom This Year??!!

Oh Friends... I must have been an extra special mom this year! 

My family is not big on giving gifts... usually I don't receive much more than a "Happy Mothers Day Mom" and I've learned to be content with that... I'm blessed so greatly in every area of my life... God has been so good to me, I know that I don't need gifts to make me feel significant... or secure in the role I play at home. 

BUT.... how wonderful did it feel to be treated like a queen on this day... how wonderful did it feel? If I never receive another thing for mothers day for the rest of my life... I think this mothers day would be enough to cover all the ones remaining.

Well... to start, Saturday My husband took me to our local ( and by local I mean an hour drive) hardware store so he could purchase some power tools... we have been needing these tools for him to finish fixing our home, so I didn't think anything of it. 

Saturday night, he took me to eat at one of my favorite restaurants since this one in particular is closed on Sundays. The food was wonderful, and we had a great time!

Now... Saturday night, he spent all afternoon in his workshop... later that night I went down there to check on him... to see if he was okay or if he needed anything... and I seen it!
He had almost completed my mothers day present... he built me a Cypress Swing!  One to replace the white wooden one we have that's falling apart ( it's older than I am.)
I was so happy!!! and I mean SO happy! I've wanted one for many many years now... and it's just so much more special knowing that he built it, by hand, for me especially!

Sunday morning I woke to my oldest daughter bringing me coffee and breakfast in bed... not just cereal either... scrambled eggs, bacon and grits! It was so good!  When I opened my front door I stepped out to see hundreds of hand cut, and colored, heart shaped confetti for me to walk through on my way to the living room. 

Destiny (oldest) bought me a jumbo card, and a beautiful new watch! My middle daughter (Angelina) made me a card, and gave me a pail with a flower planted in it! She then proceeded to tell me that the flower did not have enough room in the pail it was in... so she dug a hole and planted it in my flower garden.  My youngest daughter (Angelique) gave me a scrap piece of paper with a nickel hot glued to it! LOVED IT!

Tonight, after school... my son will give me HIS gift to me....  

My father, Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law gave me a card... and the church gave the mothers a small wristlet with the scripture Psalm 90:17 on the front.... 

It was a beautiful, peaceful, love and joy filled WEEKEND for me... and I am so very proud of my kids for doing such beautiful jobs on the things they made for me. I love them so much!

I hope you had a great day for mothers day as well....

To all you wonderful moms who work tirelessly for those around you...
Happy Mothers Day!

I'll also leave you with Psalm 90:17...

"And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it."

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