May 22, 2012

I Pour Out My All...

I take all of my worries
and I take all of my pain...
I give it all to you, my Lord
and I receive nothing but gain.

As I pour out my all,
as I kneel at your feet,
You take all that I give you
as I declair my defeat.

With your hands, you take what I've given
and you begin to twist and distort,
until there's no longer a resemblance of what I once had,
and you put it all back in my heart.

At once I feel so empowered,
overwhelmed with joy and peace.
The warmth of your love, it fills me.
Worry and pain have come to cease.

I turn around to thank you
for all you've done for me,
You look into my eyes,
and my pain is all I see.

It didn't dissappear at all,
you absorbed it as your own.
The weight of my sin on the shoulders
of the one who sits on the thrown.

The uglyness of it shocks me.
It's more than I can bear.
All of my mess on that spotless lamb
is not right, it's not at all fair

He tells me that it's o.k.
Not to forget all that he's done...
for His Father who reigns in heaven
gave me Him... His only son.

He said nothing I do could ever repay him,
so I shouldn't even try...
Just accept the love He has for me
and in that love Abide.

There's no love more powerful
than the love He has for me,
and he wants me there in paradise
for all eternity.

He said that there are others like me
holding on to pain and doubt.
He said that I should tell them
what His love is all about.

He told me that you needed to be reminded today... of His love for you. He said that you're holding on to things that you don't need to be. Things that are hurting you, things that are heavy, things that you should let go of.

He said for me to remind you of Psalm 46:1 - "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

You don't have to go through this alone. You can give it to Him... give it all to Him, and He will take it from you and give you His peace!

You're tired, you need rest, let it go... just let it go. 



Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Sigh. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.

Jean Wise said...

wow love these words. THey made me stop and pray along with you. Stopping over from Jen's site and welcome to the weekly hop!