July 30, 2012

Kids Before Bed Routine Printable

Hi everyone! Things have been a tad bit crazy lately getting all the uniforms, school supplies etc. together before school starts!

I can't believe my baby girl is going to be starting school this year! Kindergarten! I'm so nervous for some reason! I've been through this three times before but this time it's hitting me something hard. Maybe because she's my last little baby, maybe it's because she's skipped pre-school and I'm scared of how she is going to adapt. If you think about it please say a little prayer for her to open up to her teacher and class mates fast. :) I appreciate that, and thank you so very much.

The one thing I hate the most about school time, is the morning routines. Things are usually crazy and hectic in my house. There's always someone who can't find their shoes, Or their belt, OR their back pack and it seems we're always rushing out the door at the last minute. I'm having a mini panic attack just thinking about it! This year, I would like for things to be different (well of course I do). I have always found that the best head start you can get on the morning routine, is the night before routine! If you have everything together, prepared, and ready the night before... the mornings are so much easier.

Soooo, I created this PDF printable to be used as a temporary Before Bed Routine, until I can make a more eye pleasing one. 

It'll work for now.

You can click and save it if you wish... or you can wait for the better one later on :).

I will be making a Morning Routine very soon as well, to get things rolling smoothly in the a.m. 

What are some of the Night time/morning routines you have set for your children? I would love to hear your tips!

I am still working out to the INSANITY workout program. This morning was my first day of the second month. I'm thinking I haven't seen many changes to my physical self as of yet. Some muscle definition in my legs for sure, but other than that... not much. I've read that most of the changes are seen in month two, so I'm going to stay hopeful. Month two is a killer by the way. I just took a sneak peak at the exercises tomorrow... Oh My... I'm scared. :)

I pray everyone has a blessed day!

July 16, 2012

Renovations: Home and Body!

Hi everyone!!

I am so very sorry I have been MIA for a while. We are doing some serious renovations to our home right now and I have just been extremely busy. I promise that soon, and very soon, I will be spending more time here with my online friends.

Here are a couple of bad before and after pictures. So sorry for the quality, my cell does NOT take good pictures at all.

Before, when we bought the house

After... ahhh, so much better!!! 
These pictures are of an extra room in our house, called the breezeway. It connect our kitchen to the garage area. This room has gone from the room I hated the most, to the room I love the most in a matter of weeks. It's amazing how much can be changed in that little of time.

ALSO... I'm still going strong with the INSANITY workout program. Today is day 22... starting in on my 4th week. I have really surprised myself. I actually didn't think that I would stick with it for this long... I've been pushing myself really hard and I can't wait to see the results when I'm finished! 

Transformations of both home and body! lol. Whew... I can't wait until both are completed to be honest. 

I think once I've completed the INSANITY program, I will take a week or two off and move on to another. I'm really starting to enjoy this! 


July 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday - STORY


My story, the pages that have already been turned, are full of hurt, darkness and sadness.
The pain those pages hold are sometimes to difficult to go back and remember.

The story of my today is much brighter, once I became old enough to begin to sway this story of mine, I knew I would chose happiness. Not the life that everyone would be happy in... but to choose, really choose happiness and joy. To remain happy and joyful and content in all circumstances.

My story is still being written, but I have long ago let go of the pen. There's another who is still writing my story for me, and what a talent for writing He has. I can't wait to find out what my book will hold for me...

One page at a time.

I thank you Lord, for accepting that pen...


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