April 18, 2012

Living Room Wall Makeover!

Okay... I used to love this wall above my sectional sofa in my living room. 

 I once had two lovely pictures hanging on either side of the mirror there... my beautiful, wonderful, well behaved children just love to jump behind the sofa at the corner of the wall... one day, my son was running away from one of his sisters and in a failed attempt to jump on the sofa, and catapult himself behind the sofa to hide, his foot hit the second picture and it fell and broke. (Thank goodness no one got cut as a result of the accident) The picture was no more. 

I really hate to admit that it has been well over a year since this happened and I was still left with this...

Notice the deer horns... I have not been able to convince
my husband these would look much better in the breeze way.
I know... I know... It's just so... off. 

I had a couple of these frames on hand that I was not yet using.

I ran to walmart to pick up a few supplies

Took the frames out in the back yard and spray painted them an off white color... deciding that it would go better with my decor than the hammered metal look.

After I painted the two frames, I took the string and tied a long piece around both the frames and the little vases' I purchased... placing the vases at different heights on both of the frames like so...

Here is one of them a little closer.

I then put a little flower in each of the vases and hung them on either side of the mirror in the living room like so....

To get THIS...

Okay... so what do you honestly think of this? My husband walked into the living room and immediately turned his nose up to it. He smiled and made a face as if to say... Seriously? 
He completely hates it. Everyone else who has seen it loves it.

So.. if you do NOT like it... give me some ideas please! What would you do with this wall?



elaine said...

i like it, its different definately :)

Jennifer said...

I love it! Although I would have picked two flowers and made the arrangements identical. I agree with you about the antlers...its just doesn't jive with your vision :) But I think this is wonderfully creative!