April 19, 2012


Today is my little Tinker Bells (Angelina's) birthday! 

She will be 8 years old at 3:30 today! She woke up to her favorite breakfast, pancakes!

I thought I would go the extra mile and put some sprinkles on her pancakes to make them super special for her. When she looked at them she made a face and said... "what's on them?"  I said "sprinkles" in which she replied "can I get some without sprinkles?" lol... Oh well, I know better next year. Don't mess with the girls pancakes. 

We will be having cake tonight to celebrate at home... and this weekend we will have a crawfish boil at our home and invite the family over to eat them! Yummmm.

I am so proud of my baby girl, our Lina Bo Bina, she is such a hard worker, super smart, and she makes such good grades in school. She has a kind heart and a love for all animals, those that have legs, and those that crawl and have slime. lol. She is the all american girl, she can put on a pretty frilly dress, and head outside and crawl under the house to help her brother dig for worms. She wants everything boys have... guns, boats, four wheelers, sling shots... except she wants them in pink!

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl, 

Mommie Loves you!


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