April 9, 2012

Manicures and Ice cream!

We had such a wonderful time over this Easter break. The three day weekend was surely needed but definitely could have been a little longer! 

Friday night we had an extra three girls spend the night! They had a blast staying up late watching the Muppet's! Early Saturday morning I brought the girls who slept over back to their houses, and went around gathering the girls from my ministry group. 

After we collected everyone who was able to attend, we headed to a local nail salon and we all received manicures!  The girls giggled and talked about it the entire ride to Sonic. Two of the girls picked pink polish, one picked a turquoise color, and my lil one wanted sparkly silver. I had two of my finger nails break earlier in the week, so they had to trim all of them down to nothing. I was able to get a little sliver of French tips despite that fact. At least they will now all grow out at the same length.

Once we reached Sonic, we got out and sat at a table outside and all ordered ice creams to finish off our field trip. I told the girls they were now equipped to go out and lay hands to pray for people with perfectly manicured hands!

The day was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure it was well in the 80's outside, pretty hot considering my cars A/C quit blowing a few weeks ago :-/ But it was beautiful all the same!

I had a really nice time with them, this was our first official outing as a group and I'm looking forward to having more. Do any of you have any ideas about what I can do with the girls in the months to come? 
Me and two of my beautiful daughters!
The oldest and youngest of our four!


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