June 6, 2012

Words That Cut Way Too Deep...

She hears those all too familiar words.
Those words that belittle her,
They discourage her,
Curse her,

They come from the voice of her father,
From the voice of her uncle,
Her step dad,
her grandfather.

They tell her that she will never amount to anything
They tell her that she is no good.
She's worthless

She believes them.

That little girl grows up with such a pain in her heart from the words that have cut way too deep.
She knows the reasons why she has issues with relationships.
With trust.
With life.

She doesn't know how to fix what has been broken inside her,
how do you erase decades of negativity,

She believes she's all too blessed to have at least had God even in those days.
She knows there are others out there, in the same situations she was in, who don’t have Him at all.
How hopeless they must feel,
How desperate,
How sad.

She imagines a God, with His arms wrapped around her as she lies in a pool of her own tears falling asleep at night.
She imagines a God standing next to her as she receives those words of hate, of darkness, and of death...
She imagines him there... whispering in her ear words of love, of light, and of life.

He tells her that she is beautiful, she is wonderfully made.
He tells her that she is loved beyond any measurements of this world.
He tells her that she can be all that he has called her to be

He will lavish her with sweet nothings, but will she open her ears to hear?
Will she open the book, the book of letters that He has written especially for her?
Will she see... what's there in black and white?

His love can cover a multitude of sins,
A multitude of hurts,
Of the past that is no more.

Open yourself and receive,
All the Grace he so mercifully gives.
Grace that washes away the pain
Grace that covers those deep wounds like a soothing balm.

He gives it freely.
Come and receive.
Let the Word of the Lord wrap you in a sweet embrace. 



MrsP said...

Oh, Angel, you are so not alone in this. You might want to hook up with Jen Ferguson at Finding Heaven for her series Breaking the Tape. http://www.findingheaventoday.com

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

Mmm. Yes... To have God embrace and rename you. I had the same thought as MrsP above. You should consider contacting Jen Ferguson.