June 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday : See

When you’re checking out and the clerk on the other side is being rude, can you see?

When you make it home and your children are fusing and fighting with each other, can you see?

When your husband is a little grouchy, can you see?

When the teen with purple hair and tattoos crosses your path, can you see?

Can you see beyond the actions…

Can you see beyond the exteriors…

Can you see beyond the smiles of the women at church?

Can you see beyond the shyness of the little girl with the balloon?

Can you see the their very being?

Can you see to their soul?

There’s a reason…

There’s a reason why that clerk is rude, what has happened to her that morning, what has happened to her in her life to make her react in such a way?

What kind of a day, what kind of stresses have your children, your husband gone through?

That teen with the purple hair and the tattoos… has anyone ever been there for them?

Has anyone ever shown them the way? What part of them are they trying to mask, to cover up?

The women who hide behind smiles… while their hearts are breaking in two.

The little girl who’s sadness brings her to be withdrawn, everyone mistakes it for shyness…

How can you be there for them today?

How can you change the pattern?

Don’t go on without seeing… without stopping… and truly seeing. 



ALifeSanctified.com said...

Hardly a rambling, Angel. Poignant. True. A good reminder to us all.
Thank you for writing it!

Debbie said...

You asked some very important questions. There's always something behind the behavior. May we always remember that and not act too quickly but instead with love and understanding. Only God can truly give us that kind of sight.

blessings and love,