June 13, 2012

The Voice of Mercy...

The Voice of Mercy
I’ve been here for a short time now,
Although it’s all I’ve ever known.
He came to take me home that day,
When something there went wrong.

He told me such sweet stories,
As He carried me away.
He told me stories of earth, and of mommy and daddy,
He said, “You will meet them one day.”

He said that my mommy loves me,
And although we are apart,
She will think about me often,
And she will keep me in her heart.

He told me of things, like sadness,
Of loneliness, pain and tears.
“These are all things you shall never suffer” He said,
I’ll never feel worries or fears!

I had so many questions,
And He answered, one by one.
“My name,” He once answered, “is Jesus.”
“Gods one and only Son.”

I asked Him what my name was,
And He whispered it in my ear.
He said “Your mommy does not know it yet,
But the day she will learn it, is near.”

When we first arrived I could see nothing,
Except a white and blinding light,
And the peace and love that flowed from it,
Consumed and embraced me tight.

The light has never changed,
Since the first day that I came,
The light is Love, is never ending,
God … that is His name.

It’s so beautiful here in Heaven,
I can’t wait till mommy can see,
I used to wonder what she would think,
Or how she would know that I’m me.

The other day, Jesus took me beside Him,
There was something He wanted to say,
“My sweet, Mercy Ann,” He said aloud,
“Your mommy learned your name today.”

He smiled, and then laughed,
When my face lit up bright.
He said “My sweet, Mercy Ann,
That’s the most precious sight.”

“Your mommy, she knows Gods’ Mercy,
And, my sweet, Gods’ Mercy you are.”
“When your mommy arrives, and she sees your sweet face,
She will know that it’s you from afar.”

He said, “There is one more thing, sweet Mercy,
That I would like you to know,
Your family, down there on earth,
Is now, starting to grow.”

“A brother or sister?!” I shrieked,
With excitement in my eyes.
He said, “The answer to that, my sweet Mercy Ann,
We shall keep a surprise.”

My mommies’ arms will be empty no longer.
She’ll have a baby that she can hold near,
Then she can feel, a small amount,
Of the love I have always felt here.

I will visit the baby often,
In dreams we will laugh and play,
And we will recognize each other,
When, we too, meet here one day.

“Jesus loves us this I know, for my Jesus tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong, we are weak, but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves us.  Yes, Jesus loves us. Yes, Jesus loves us.
My Jesus tells me so.”

Written: August 2010 (around the time Mercy was due)
By: Angel

This poem was written for my sweet dear cousin…

I grew up with no sisters. No mother.

Just my father and my brother for the longest time.
I had only a cousin, 8 months older than I… she was the best friend I had.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I made her the Godmother…
I could never have chosen a better person to serve that role.

When we found out she was pregnant a couple of years ago, we were ecstatic!

Until… that day.

That day when the doctor wanted to find the heartbeat via ultrasound and all was still… in the room, and on the screen.

All.  Was. Still.

Between sobs and silent tears she told me, and together we prayed... together we wept.

Fast forward 6 months later… and she shares with me the secret news that no one else would know for months… she was expecting again!

How exciting, how scary, how anxious.

I did what any writer friend would do…

I wrote.

I wrote this poem to her… in the memory of the child who is here only in our hearts… a child she named months after her loss… Mercy Ann.

Her second pregnancy resulted in a beautiful, precious baby girl she perfectly named Avery Grace. She is so very sweet and so very loved... 

She's my first Goddaughter... and I love her so very much :)


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