March 14, 2012

Wedding Gumbo! Unity Bouquet and other updates

Well hello everyone... I've so crazy busy lately... here are the latest updates. 

I went to the doctor last Thursday for my 6 month check up after the Chryo. He said he is pretty sure just from looking at me that the pre-cancer cells have spread. He told me to try and be optomistic though, there is a chance he is wrong. He really could see I was getting upset and was trying to calm me down.

I go back tomorrow to review the results with him and discuss procedure options. 

I'm still waiting to receive the pictures of the Bridal/Lingerie shower... I'll post them as soon as I do receive them. The wedding is this weekend!!!  I am so excited to finally be a part of it.

She has some really interesting ideas/unique for sure. You see, we live in Louisiana, where Gumbo is a staple in every household, and you can only find a really good one in the deep south. Since this is her wedding, and she is getting married outside in the midst of the Cypress trees, complete with moss hanging down... she wanted to add another touch of the South with it.

She is doing a Wedding Gumbo ceremony... lol.. She is having all the spices that we usually put in our gumbo placed in little jars. Her and I together sat down and went through each spice, did research on the health benefits of each, etc. and put together a little saying for each. During the ceremony I will call out a spice, her and the groom will then hold up the spice together while I say what the spice is representing in their marriage. They then place the spice into the gumbo pot and pick up the next spice. 

After the wedding is over, they will place all of the spices in a little see through container with the Wedding Gumbo saying printed next to it on display.

Here is what we came up with for each spice. 

Wedding Gumbo

Like a good cook that slowly and tenderly creates a delicious Roux with love and patience for the base of a gumbo, God has birthed a beautiful emotion between Christopher and Bethanie-Lee for an eternal love that is true. The rest of the ingredients, no one any more significant than another, are all needed equally to work together to create the gumbo…

Tabasco  helps to battle depression & promotes a sense of well being, representing Faith, Hope, and Happiness. May you be able to maintain all three in your marriage throughout the years to come.

Black Pepper  also known as black gold was often used as currency, representing wealth and support. Pray that you always have enough, but that you always remain content with what you have.

Salt  preserves, it is said that like water, the relationship between salt and your health is so intricately involved it makes them impossible to be disentangled. Without salt you could not exist for a moment… here it represents our Heavenly Father. God should be entangled in your marriage, very few last without Him in the center, ensuring preservation of your love for each other.

Tony Chacheres  a mixture of different types of spices and herbs, here representing family and friends… a blend so unique, the gumbo would not be the same without it. Remember to give thanks to your family for your upbringing and foundations, and to seek Gods guidance to bring yourselves into agreement when bringing up a family of your own.

Garlic  is a powerful antioxidant representing understanding, common sense and knowledge. May you have knowledge and understanding of each other’s needs and common sense to know when to leave well enough alone.

Onion  is a preventer and protector representing compassion and Respect… for these are the top two needs of a man and woman in their relationships. They will be sure to prevent and protect against any love decay.

File’  has been used over the years to treat the skin, representing Gods creation, us. Never forget how delicate our lives are, and how precious the time you have together here really is.

Oregano  is rich in Vitamin K which keeps bones strong, representing strength, strength to endure the future, the unknown circumstances you are sure to encounter.

Basil   protects cell structures as well as chromosomes from outside damage representing your health.

Red pepper  is known to have pain – reducing effects representing forgiveness and is in its natural state spicy, representing the flame of passion. May you be quick to forgive each other and that flame will not burn low.

 Rice  has always been known to represent fertility, which is why it is customarily thrown at the newlywed couple after the wedding ceremony. May your lives and works be fertile and produce good fruits. 

So.. that's what he have for the Gumbo pot.

She's having another part, where instead of a unity candle, she is having a unity bouquet. Both the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom will carry a bouquet when walked to their sets at the beginning of the wedding. They will place their bouquets on the table where the bride and groom will stand during the ceremony. When it is time, the bride and groom will each take a bouquet, and place them together, as one single bouquet. This will symbolize the uniting of the two families as one. We couldn't find any poems on this either, so we made something up to be read while they are joining them... here it is.

Unity Bouquet

Two families brought here together
full of joy and pride
DiMatteos and Walters
families of the groom and the bride.

Two families... separate
today will be joined as one.
DiMatteos will gain a daughter,
Walters will gain a son.

Carried in by the mothers these flowers represent the families, 
beautiful and unique in their own way
When placing them both together
they make an exquisite bouquet. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this.. prayers for my health are welcome! lol
Also, I think the next time I cook a good gumbo, I will record the process so I can share it with you. If you know anyone who has ever eaten a gumbo, you know that it is one of the best meals in (dare I say) the world! Recipes passed from generation, to generation. Gumbos have been served in Louisiana since the earliest of records that were kept here!

Nothing beats it... nothing!


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