March 23, 2012

Tips and Tricks I LOVE!

All of these tips and pictures were taken from Pinterest! I love them all. More to come at a later date!


DUST - A dryer sheet can be used to dust, not only does it get the job done, but it coats the surface area repelling dust from sticking there in the first place. Use it on your baseboards to repel pet hair, and keep things from sticking to the baseboards, they just roll to the floor where you can sweep them away! 

(Picture credit to Chaotically via pinterest!)
WINDOWS - Clean your windows like a pro! Using Dawn Dishwashing liquid, a dish scrubbie, and a window squeegie. Simply use water, soapy from the dishwashing liquid. Dip the scrubbie into the solution and scrub your windows with it. Afterwards, you squeegie the water off the windows and see them sparkle!

ammonia will clean gunked up stove burners ( my grandma does this once a month)!

STOVE BURNERS - Get the gunk off your burners with out scrubbing! Caked on mess can be dissolved right off by simply letting them soak in a plastic bag over night with ammonia (soak them OUTSIDE as the fumes are strong) when you wake in the morning, rinse them off and watch the mess wash off with ease. My grandmother does this once a month, and swears by it!

Clothes keep slipping off plastic hangers? Use a hot glue gun to apply a zig zag pattern on the arms of your plastic hangers to prevent all your wide-necked shirts from falling off. Works like a charm!

CLOSETS - Clothes keep slipping off those hangers? Use a hot glue gun to apply a zig zag pattern on the arms of your hangers to prevent all your shirts and dresses from falling off!

Press'n Seal Fridge Shelves

 FRIDGE - Hate cleaning up spills in the fridge, use press'n seal to line your shelves, when spills or grime start to appear, simply remove and re-line... no more soaking and scrubbing!

how to: keep a stove top clean and pristine

STOVE - Help your stove repel spills, splatters and grime by coating it with a slight layer of car wax, watch those spill wipe right up after using this trick, it also works on the tub and sinks to prevent water stains and help to block soap scum from forming. 

Baby powder removes sand from your skin

BEACH SAND - Next time you head to the beach, don't forget the baby powder. It helps remove sand from your skin!

Cool way to freeze your meat... being able to "snap off" as much as you need at a time.

FREEZER - Cool way to freeze your meat... try this and you'll be able to "snap off" as much as you need at a time!

Keep an apple from turning brown by cutting it, then holding it together in its original shape with a rubber band.

SNACKS - Go ahead and cut those apples ahead of time for your little ones, simply keep the apple held together with a rubber band to prevent it from turning brown.

How to hull your strawberries with a straw!!

STRAWBERRIES - Hull your strawberries with a straw!

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