March 2, 2012

Lingerie Shower!!!

Well... tomorrow I will be spending my day preparing for, setting up for, and hosting a lingerie shower!
I am so excited and have so many ideas.  I have to admit, after throwing and hosting a bridal shower last Saturday, and having this lingerie shower this Saturday... I will be glad not to have anything to host next weekend!!  

The theme for her shower is lingerie, of course, and the colors black and pink. 

I will be serving sprite with pink food coloring in wine glasses for the beverage...
Pink cupcakes in black and white damask cupcake wrappers
Peanut Butter Cookies dyed pink with food coloring and indented with black and white hug kisses
Pizza! From Domino's!

We are planning to eat our pizza first...
Have a Mary Kay consultant come over and give us all makeovers!
Then snack on the goodies and play some fun games!

After we are finished playing games and opening the gifts at the bride-to-be's home we will head to the bowling alley for a few games of bowling!

For party favors each girl will take home a mesh lingerie bag to wash their delicates in!

I can't wait to get the pictures of everything to show off to everyone!

How are you all planning on spending your weekends?


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