March 28, 2012

Cute Little Easter Dress!

I am so excited! We will be taking family pictures very soon… and I have decided to try and make our clothes… me and the girls will be in different patterns, but similar colors, and the boys will be in a blue as well… I was thinking Turquoise colors… but maybe some grays and yellows? I’m not too sure. There are so many possibilities that I am having a hard time trying to come up with which colors to use.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open! Have you had your pictures taken with like colors? If so, what colors did you use?

I’m also having a hard time deciding on which pattern to use for my youngest daughter. I made these two dresses last night.  The Turquoise color one I had a pattern for, the pink one I did not… and it isn’t finished either. I almost didn’t want to put it up here, but I wanted you to see the colors.

This dress was made using instructions for The Brooke Dress if you want to try it.
It also comes with instructions for a matching baby doll dress... the sleeves have many different options
including Peasant long sleeves. So pretty... and also worked together super fast... this was my first time making it, and I think it may have taken 45 minutes to 1 hour! I'm currently almost finished making one with the body of the dress in black and white damask, the bottom border and sleeves in white for my goddaughter. It's coming out very pretty!

After making these two dresses and looking at the fabrics, I think I might like the combination of the pink from dress two, and the Turquoise in the border and sleeves of dress one together.

Tonight, if I can find another hour to spare, I might put these two together and see how it comes out. I was thinking of making an Easter dress like this…
Beautiful Dress Tutorial

I am thinking it might look good with the A line portion of the dress in the pink, and the ruffles in the Turquoise, lined in pink.

I’m sorry about the poor quality pictures, the sun was already down when I finished the dress last night, and I am planning on taking some outside pictures today after work.  She was so excited about the blue dress when she seen it… that is until she noticed the pink fabric of dress two… then she decided she no longer liked the “blue” dress… it is now “ugly”. 

Of course, she does like the feel of dress one better, so I think I might have to make her a dress from pattern one, with the fabric from dress two. I'm thinking she can use the blue one for Easter... maybe if I make her a matching purse like this one she would like it a little better? We shall see. 

This complicated, picky little child of mine.

Also… last night, she did ask me if I could make her a dress that goes over only one shoulder.  Searching through pinterest today I found this pretty little number… so that might be in the works as well!
Angelique asked me to make her a dress that goes on one shoulder last night... this will be perfect.

Okay, so which dress is your favorite? Which colors?


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