February 4, 2011

So much accomplished

I have finished so many orders the last few days :)

Here are some of the spa hair wraps I completed for an order!

Here are a pair of Personalized Tie Shirts I completed for a wonderful lady and her two sons named Tres' and Taylen.

An Adorable Initial Tie Onesie with the initial M for a cute little boy!

Here is a Gift set that was ordered, in the damask fabric with the initial "Z". She ordered the onesie, shoes and bow... I made the matching burp rag with accented pink "Z" as a freebie! (It was my first burp rag attempt, and I think it came out cute!)

All this being said, I guess you can tell I did get a new replacement BROTHER! lol
It was a very simple cheap walmart brand machine, just until I am able to do some comparison shopping for a better name brand one.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Happy Sewing,


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