February 8, 2011

Wooo hooo, new kitchen table for FREE!

Wow.. I just had to share this!

My neighbors are moving to another state, and decided they didn't need their dinning room table set.  They came and asked if I would like it!  Ummmm, YEAH!!!  It is BEAUTIFUL! AND, just enough seats for everyone.  Now, my old kitchen table is my sewing table... I have a spot all my own! :)  Actually, it was my sewing table before this... I had already taken it over, now it's just not in the kitchen. Here is my new table!

There is a story to the painting on the wall above our table, i will write about it in another post ;)


Okay, so enough about the table and on to the latest finished orders!
Here are some personalized pillows I have recently finished... they are "grandparents pillows"
It was an order of 6, and each one had the actually outline of the grandchildrens hands on the back of the pillow in matching fabric.

Pappa (yes, I put Pappy... I corrected it) is a doctor and needed medical fabric..

Omi D loves pretty greens

Aunt Mimi loves the color purple!

Gramps works in construnction and loves to fix things, so we worked with a tool printed fabric for him.

For Nanna, we need something light and pretty, so we went with white, cream and pink!

And... last but NOT least... we have Aunt Rachael!
All we had to work one was "something pretty, but not floral"

You know… just like a little kid being told they can’t have something… because I was asked not to work with florals for her… I was drawn to nothing but!  I was so annoyed with myself! lol
I think this may actually be my favorite of the six :)

I also had another order for a Tie Onesie. 
Another black tie with red initial, this one was a “D” for a little one named Dominic!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...That's an awesome table! and FREE!!! =)