February 14, 2011


 Happy Love Day everyone!

I hope you are able to spend some time with those that you love today...  as promised, here is the painting we created over the weekend... our old painting was not able to Evolve, due to my husband strapping himself to it under protest!
He said that we could do a new painting, but that he was not allowing us to paint over the current painting.. :(

Here is how it turned out!

***(Please NOTE*** These are NOT my house floors lol.... this is our breezeway, where we pulled up the ugly 50's tile and never did anything else with it.. so there's just old, no longer sticky, tile glue left on the cement floor.  This is why I allow them to paint down there... any splashes will be a welcome improvement to what it is now :)***

This is Tinker Bell having her turn first...

This is how it looked when she was finished.

This is Queen having her turn next...

This is how it looked once she was finished.

Here is Diva putting her touches on it...

I forgot to take a picture after she was finished, and then we had many other people take turns at it... Uncle Josh, Uncle Micah, Aunt Britney, Cousin Kaleb, a neighbor... and of course MYSELF!

After it was all said and done... This was the finished project!

 Here it is after I hung it between the wall sconces (however you spell it :)

 This photo came out a little blurry... but it goes nice... now if I could only find a frame to fit it... put that final touch!

I also completed a good bit of my current orders from Etsy... here are some of the finished products from those custom orders ...

Happy Creating Everyone!

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