January 31, 2011

R.I.P. Brother!!!

So my Brother sewing machine died last night! AAAGGGHHHHH… knee deep in the middle of orders and it just DIED!
So my wonderful husband just called me to say that he has purchased me a replacement until I can get the wonderful upgrade I have been wanting!  (He thinks I broke it on purpose just so I could get that upgrade…. Should have thought about that earlier.. but was not the case :)  ).
This is what I accomplished before the darn thing decided to stop in its tracks..

Cute onesie order with the initial "Z"

Here is the mac daddy that killed my Brother!!! Notice the one shoe, the other shoe was in the making! lol This was to be my first boys onesie outfit. Initial D in green patterned fabric and kimono style shoes.

Oh, and my first attempt at a burp cloth... CUTE!!!  It is a free gift to match the "Z" onesie pictured above. It was done in coordinating Damask Fabric with an accented pink Z.

And the  time consuming oh so cute diaper wipe case that matches the damask onesie set I have been selling like crazy!

ALSO, I have decided to feature an Etsy shop or a blog once a week, so be looking for that soon!  I will start looking around for my first feature today!!!!

Happy sewing


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For Any Occasion said...

I feature an etsy shop on my blog once a week as well - I LOVE being able to show what others can do! :)


ps- I found you through CAST on etsy. :)