January 21, 2011

Code names & Inspiration

So for those of you who do not know my family personally… here will be the code names for my family. :)

Husband – Hubby
11 yo Daughter – Diva
9 yo Son – Knuckle Head
6 yo Daughter – Tinker bell
3 yo Daughter -  The Queen

On a different topic being the sleep deprived mother that I always am, I usually have no time at home to search blogs (between house chores and orders)… but my lunch breaks at work are another thing entirely! (who needs food right?)
During those moments to myself, I have come across quite a few blogs that have inspired me so much, I would like to share them with you now!
Check out these wonderful tutorials by clicking the pictures below... thank you so much to Create and Delegate!


   I have created the beautiful and easy dress below for The Queen, I will post pictures of it later.

I have also made the item below

 In a baby onesie form :)

I will be posting more later!
Happy Sewing!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! I love your onesie!