January 20, 2011

My "slowly" expanding Etsy shop!

Well Hello!
I actually have an Etsy shop I opened a couple of months ago. I am starting to add to it, very slowly, but adding all the same.  Between laundry, dishes, cooking, working, four kids, etc… it’s soooo difficult to get in some good sewing time. Usually I sew between the hours of 9 – 12 p.m. After work, after the kids are settled for bed, but before every ounce of energy has left my body.  
Now that depends on if I am sewing just to sew, or if I am sewing for orders.  If I have an order that needs to be completed, I start sewing at 6 p.m. and do not quit until it’s completed, or until I can no longer see straight, lol.. whichever comes first!
I love coming up with new ideas, and learning new techniques. Usually when there is a birthday party, baby shower, or the like in our family, I will experiment with sewing their gifts and photograph away. When I am happy with the outcome, I will post in my shop to be customized and sold.
I would love to share my sewing journey with you!

Happy Sewing!

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