January 21, 2011

Working on Grandparents Pillows for Valentines Day!

Well, I am currently working on an order of 6 pillows for Valentines day.  A wonderful woman contacted me to see if I would be able to create 6 Grandparents pillows for her daughters to give as Valentines gifts.  These pillows were named Grandparents pillows because on the back of them, I include the handprint of the grandchild. The wonderful woman has mailed me the tracings of her daughters hand prints and they will be applied in coordinating fabric on the back of the pillows she ordered.

I have began working on three of the six pillows.  I am waiting on the receipt of fabric I ordered for the others.
One of them is for “Omi D” I was told she loves the color green. Another is for Nanna, I was told to use  creams and light pretty colors. The last I have began working on is for Gramps, I was told he works in construction and loves to fix things. This is what I have for each of them so far.

This is a pillow that was finished for Christmas, showing the grandchilds handprint on the back.

This is the pillow started for Omi D and the fabrics being used.

This would be the pillow started for Nanna..

This would be the pillow started for Gramps :)

I'll post updates of these as well as the other three once they are started.

What do you think?

Happy Creating!!!


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