December 16, 2006

Christmas is starting!!!

Well girls, Christmas starts today for us. No not really, well, sort of. My father-in-law works off shore, and he will be gone for Christmas.. is usually gone most Christmas's. Anyway, because he will be gone, my mother-in-law is having her Christmas tonight. I am going to attempt to make some homemade rolls for the dinner, and a sweet-potato crunch. The sweet potato crunch is my grandmothers recipe, everyone always asks me to make it. The rolls however, hhhummm, I had sent a loaf of homemade bread for my mother and father-in-law to try, the really liked it, and asked me to make the rolls for the dinner... now, I have only made a few loaves of bread, and have never attempted the rolls before. I printed out a few roll recipes last night, but haven't figured out which one I will make. They all sound good with names like.. Light and Buttery Rolls.... Melt in your mouth buttery rolls....and New Century Rolls, which is a recipe from the 1900's, bound to be good.. lol. I also found a recipe for some sticky rolls.... ooohhhh they sound so good.. I will have to make them soon. My mother-in-law bought for everyone on her list except me.. so she wants me to go to the store today and pick up something for myself. lol. I don't even know what to get myself. I may just pick up some measuring cups and spoons. I can never seem to keep track of mine, they always get separated and lost somehow. We also need some more glasses.. the set I have now, I bought myself last Christmas, and I only have, maybe, 5 left in the whole 12 set. lol.

Well... after I make the rolls, I will take pictures of them.. oh.. and the sweet potato crunch also. If the rolls come out good, I will post pictures, and the recipes on here tonight or tomorrow.

Now.. there is something else I want to write about. I was laying in bed last night with my husband, trying to sleep, when he came up close to me and put his arm around me.
I was thinking about Christmas, and how he never gets me anything. Instead of enjoying my husband close to me... I was thinking about how he better get me something this year because I have already spent over 200 on him. Then I stopped myself, or God did... and told me to shut up.. Christmas isn't about getting anything.. and you know, I don't worry about getting from anyone else, just my husband.. the one person who does for me all year long, who is faithful to me, who loves me, who treats me so good.
When it comes to anyone else.. I hate getting gifts.. I much rather give than to get, but no, not with him. I love to give to my husband, but I also long to get from him.
Well, I prayed to God, and asked him to take those feelings out of my heart. I have been corrupted, listening to women who feel if their husbands love them, they will buy them nice expensive things. I don't want to be like that. I want to feel like it's enough for my husband to just be there for me, loving me. I took a deep breath, let it out, and snuggled in closer to my husband... I am such a lucky.. rich woman.

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TrainingHearts said...

Beautiful insight at this time of year. The BEST gift that I could ever have is my Saviour and my husband & children. Thank you for sharing from the heart.