December 20, 2006

I'm a messie... here's me cleaning up my mess!

O.K. I have decided to declutter certain areas of my home. Even when my home.. to me.. is clean, I don't think it is ever really clean. I have come to understand that I am what is called a messie... I tend to place things here and there "out of the way" and forget about them. They become part of the room, and I no longer notice these items.. like an extension of the walls. What I did was take pictures of my living room, every wall. After looking at the pictures.. I see what other people would see when they come over. I don't know why taking a picture of your home makes you see things you don't notice by just looking at the room itself.

I noticed that every little free corner here and there, every free small space.. I have stuff crammed and packed in. Probably because I don't have room for these things anywhere else. Well, today I am off to clean these spaces.. I will show you before and after pictures. I will try to get all of this done before tomorrow. I have to be at my sons school at 1 today, for a meeting. We had a fund raiser, and we have to see how much money each person raised. Two years ago I raised almost 500 dollars for my daughter, this year.. I have only raised 200 for my son. The main reason.. when my daughter was in school.. I was a SAHM, now I am going back to school myself and don't have as much free time to work on selling items, or asking for donations.

O.K., O.K., back to the mess. I guess I need to do this in every room. I will set my timer for 15 minutes.. that seems to be what almost every site I visit asks you to do. It's amazing what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes. lol. So.. I think I can get all the spaces cleared out, thrown away, and at least have a mental idea of what I want to do with what's left over afterwards, in the 15 minutes. I will even see if I can get my children to clean up around the rest of the house while I do that.. tell them that they have to make room for all the new toys and clothes that they will get for Christmas.

I hope I soon overcome my messiness. I guess every day I will have to go around my home and take pictures with my digital camera, load the pictures into the computer, and find all those little items that are invisible to me otherwise.
hhhhhum, I don't know.. I have been praying for God to delivery me from my messiness. It's not that I am lazy... I do clean.. I just don't see things like other people see them I guess. That and the fact that growing up, I never had anyone show me how to clean. When my grandmother finally got us kids, she kept her home clean, but we never actually seen her cleaning, and she never required us to do anything to help her out.. which in the long run, hurt me (I was the oldest and only girl). When I got on my own.. I didn't know you had to clean a toilet. lol.. I know sad huh, I didn't know that you had to actually wipe down the sink and mop and sweep as much as you have to. The clothes were just magically in my drawer every day, the bed was magically made. I wish my home ran as smoothly as hers does. I wish my home ran smoothly period.

Well..... I am off to tacle the mess.... I will try to post pictures tomorrow. I have to charge my camera again before I can use it. lol. May God bless each and every one of you and keep you safe today.

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Kay Martin said...

I too am a Christian who has battled being overwhelmed with "stuff." I am determined to lean into the Lord and overcome. I love everything you have written about your journey. I plan to visit here often. In prayer it came to me yesterday that I prefer reading about it...when action is the remedy. I plan to dedicate one solid hour daily in decluttering. My prayers are with you.