December 8, 2006

no binder pictures yet.

I am so sorry I didn't post pictures of my binder yet. I did try... I took out my camera, placed the binder in front of me... pushed the button.. and... the batteries were dead. So I still need to charge them... hopefully by tomorrow I will have my binder up for all to see.

I am finished with school until next semester. I am so glad that I get a break from it for a while. I can spend time at home.. getting everything straightened up. I can catch up on sewing projects, maybe try and make some homemade bread. I really want to try and make some. I think the kids and hubby would love it.
I also want to try and find some nice patterns for modest skirts. I tried to do that also yesterday.. I picked out a pattern, in sort of a hurry, one that I thought was pretty. I also bought some material. When I got home.. I realized that I bought a pattern WAY to big for me. So now, I have to go back and see what else I can find since that one pattern was on sale, and the last one like it.

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