October 7, 2014

Day 7: Bible Studies for the Family

Do y'all remember when I said I was motivated to try and draw out my bible study, which didn't work out the way I had planned, but ended up showing me an amazing way to do bible study with my (now) seven year old daughter? Hop over to Day 3 of the 31 Day writing challenge to re-read if you must. 

Well, I have bible study groups and resources galore at my finger tips. I can jump around and do more than one if I want or need - I can scale it down if I'm just not feeling up to it. When it comes to my children, it's not so easy... they have to have it there, in front of them; In their hands, laid out step by step, day by day in order to do any type of bible study. They aren't going to just take the initiative and dive into the Word on their own... and who could blame them really - the bible can seem so overwhelming to even adults at times. Where do you begin? The beginning, the New Testament, any certain book? So I began to search for the perfect devotion for each of my children...

I had received a Tween Bible Study book - Around the Word in 60 Seconds - a year or so ago and was going to give it to my oldest as a daily devotional.

However, after reading over a few weeks worth of devotions myself I decided it was more for my 10 year old than for my soon to be 15 year old daughter. That lead me to do some research to find a great bible study/devotional for my 15 year old daughter. It needed to be something that would reach deep, but not take an enormous amount of time and discourage her from wanting to read it each day.

I discovered A Daughters Worth... I'm waiting for it to come in now! I'm excited about this one, and hopefully she will enjoy it as well.

So, I have my youngest daughter following along with me in my own bible study each day - I have the Around the Word for my 10 year old daughter and will soon have A Daughter's Worth for my eldest daughter.

All I need now is a good bible study/devotion for my 13 year old son... any suggestions?!

Really - I need suggestions!

Hopefully these bible studies will leave a lasting impression on my children and lead them on their own journey of Seeking His Face.


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