October 1, 2014

Day 1: 31 Days of Seeking His Face

Thank you so much for stopping in! 

I was wondering if anyone would come for a visit, and here you are! I am accepting the challenge to write for 31 days straight in the month of October. My theme will be "Seeking His face", as this is something I often find myself struggling with.

Before we begin, I love setting the atmosphere... it's sort of a "thing" with me. The right lighting, a few well placed decorations, some music. Seeing how I can't really adjust the lighting or the decorations around you, I CAN help with music!

Just click on the Youtube video below to let the music begin, lower the volume a bit and continue reading on. 

You see, often times when my head hits my pillow at night, and my eyelids begin to close, I reflect over the days events. Sometimes I realize that I haven't sought Him like I should have. 

In the morning, while I was drinking my coffee and waking the kids up to get dressed for school (for the third and fourth time) I forgot to seek Him.

On the twenty minute drive to work when it's just me and the radio and the highway... I forgot to seek Him.

At my desk during the day with my work before me... I forgot to seek Him.

At breaks, at lunch, on the commute home...
Cooking supper, doing homework, laundry, cleaning...
I forgot to seek Him. 

It's so very easy to get lost in the days tasks and forget to seek His face, I know, because it happens to me way more often than it should. It's not that difficult to do either... to just take a minute and exhale, and speak to Him. When you're facing a difficult situation or a hard task, to ask Him for guidance or help. 

So for me, these next 31 days will be me getting back to what really matters. It's not about us... it's about Him. So often we hear the saying "I've done all I can do, all I can do now is pray." Why? Why do we save prayer as a last resort? Why don't we pray first? There's nothing more powerful in the world than prayer, nothing that can bring change faster than prayer... so why do we try and use our own strength and resources first when there's one who is mightier and more powerful than anything of this world? You have access to direct contact with Him... Prayer! 

I hope to see you again during these next 31 days of me Seeking His face. ;)

P.S. ~ If the song hasn't finished yet - just sit here for a minute and enjoy it... maybe send up a quiet "Thank You" to the man above for all He has done for you in your life... Amen? 


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