October 5, 2014

Day 5: Sunday Rest

I'll be taking things pretty easy on Sundays, we are usually really busy... we wake early to get ready for church service, and on the days we are not able to wake up and get ready in time (with four children it doesn't always happen) we listed to our church service via podcast blaring through our bluetooth speaker in the livingroom. Whether we are able to attend church in person or not, we always visit my Grandmother afterwards, as does the rest of my family, for Sunday Supper. 

After Supper we sit around for a while and talk and visit and just catch up with whats been going on with everyone during the week. After an hour or so we usually head home for some relaxation.

So my Sunday posts will be pretty quick. A little music, a little devotion, cup of coffee, and I'll be on my way. 

I hope you spend today enjoying the blessing of being alive! Whatever way you choose to meditate on His word... self bible study, online church programs, podcast, television broadcast, daily devotion, or you have a Church home... I hope you were able to be with Him today.

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