October 3, 2014

Day 3: Inspiration in Motion

Yesterday I shared with you a blog feature I happened upon of a beautiful lady of the Lord named Shar. You can find that post HERE if you missed it. 

Today I wanted to show you a page from a journal I used to keep... before life got in the way and I stopped...

I don't think I'm an artist, by any means of the word, but I enjoy drawing just as much as I enjoy writing... it soothes me. Drawing while meditating on a scripture just made sense. I enjoyed it immensely! 

So after seeing Shars journal, I loved the way she incorporated the entire chapter of the bible, not just one single verse... so I tried to come up with my own version of what she did...

It kind of reminded me of a low budget childrens bible book. ;) - maybe another example of "be yourself". My youngest daughter loved the picture so much, she copied it! She took my page and re-drew it herself. Afterwards I read the chapter to her so she could see why I put each picture in there. It turned out to be a great bible study tool with her (she's six) which was something I completely didn't plan on. Perhaps I can continue this on a regular basis as her bible study? I've recently given my 10 year old her own Tween bible devotional book, and purchases a Teen one for my 14 year old... so this would work perfect for my younger daughter who hasn't mastered the art of reading yet! 

I do LOVE the way Shars journal pages turns out... I'm just not as great with it as she is. I love her method of color coding and symbols... I've always color coded, even when studying on my tablet. The below picture is of my tablet.

This picture is of my bible - it's ratty and tearing apart in places, with stains at the tip in the beginning pages... I have so many notes and markings in it though, I couldn't stand to part with it just yet. I love my ratty and torn bible! I've started to add a few symbols here and there of my own... I think I'll continue this one going forward.

So... my inspiration from Shar in motion... I thank the Lord for you my friend!

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