October 1, 2012

End Of The Rainbow.

On my way home from church Sunday afternoon, the kids and I noticed a beautiful rainbow in the sky. We loved that that it was a complete rainbow...  very bright and vibrant. I told the kids of Gods promise to us, and how the rainbow came to be. As we continued to drive we noticed it looked as if we were going to run right into it!

I happened to look to the side of me, and there in the open field was the beginning of the rainbow... touching the ground! I was so excited the kids thought I was going nuts! In all my life I've before seen such a thing! It was a gift from God, I have no doubt. 

I was actually able to see the end of a rainbow! There was no pot of gold, although it was technically the beginning of the rainbow... the pot of gold may have been on the other side. 

Have any of you ever before seen where the rainbow reached the ground? Either end of it?

I grabbed my cell phone to capture a picture of it, but when I was able to, while still driving safely, the rainbow started to fade and was once again in the midst of the Cain Field... no longer in the open field. Oh how I wish I would have pulled over to take that picture when I had the chance. 

Although I'm very thankful I was able to see it. :)

This is all I was able to get.


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