October 30, 2012

Her Daddy Was Killed By a Drunk Driver

Sunday, October 21 when Mark and Sarah left their baby girl Sophie with an aunt to walk a few steps down the road to the store, they never could have imagined it would be the last time he would see his daughter. On the walk back from the store Sarah and Mark were ran over by a drunk driver. Sarah escaped with scrapes and bruises, but the accident claimed Marks life. 

Little Sophie is only a year old, she will never remember the love her father had for her... but thank God they left her behind, I don't want to imagine what could have happened had her father been holding her on the walk back. 

This family lives right next door to me, and my heart breaks for their unnecessary loss. I felt like I needed to do something... but what can you do? 

The only thing I know I'm good at... I began to sew.

I made little Sophie a name quilt... I quilted a heart at the top and stitched her daddy's name in it. I stitched a second heart near her name and placed her mommies name in it. I'm waiting for a picture of her daddy holding her and I will place it on the back of the quilt as a label, in memory of her dad.

These are the new quilts I now offer in my Etsy shop... the ones with a personal prayer hand written on a piece of muslin and quilted in with the batting. So each time this little girl wraps up in the memory of her daddy.... she's wrapped in a prayer. 

Please keep this little girl and the family of her dad in your prayers. 

I thank you. 



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Lou La La said...

That's so sad. They're in my prayers and the quilt is beautiful and will be treasured x

lori mcclure said...

So tragic. There are no words. What a wonderful way to give a small piece of comfort to the family. Prayers for this family.