September 27, 2012

All Natural Skin Care Regimen

All Natural Face Cleaning...

I LOVE to find all natural skin care products, but all too often lately even those that claim to be "All Natural" are packed full of preservatives and other nasty items I can't pronounce.

The search addict I am, I began to look around online for some tried and true, honest to goodness ALL NATURAL skin care recipes

I came across LOTS of interesting articles and guides... I took from them what I found beneficial and discarded the rest. I have to admit this is not the first time I have decided to be more aware of what I put on my skin... but for one reason or another I always seem to be lured in by the marketing strategies of companies promising younger, firmer, less wrinkly, glowing, dewy, rejuvenated skin. 

Thankfully I always come back to my senses before too long! Usually after my skin begins to feel dry and flaky with a dull flat appearance. 

So... what simple two step skin care regimen have I began in the last month that completely changed my skin for the better (again)? 

1. Message in oil and go to bed.  

It's so simple it's crazy... I mixed together equal parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Apricot Oil in a travel dispenser you would normally put shampoo or conditioner in... I add in about half of a teaspoon of Castor Oil and shake well. Before bed I put two or three drops of oil on my finger tips and message onto my face. Why did I chose this combination of oils with all the possibilities out there? You can read further below for more details on each oil to find out why.

2. Wake Up and Wipe Off with Witch Hazel
When I wake up in the morning I simply put some Witch Hazel onto a cotton swab ( I usually use 2 cotton swabs) and wipe it all over my face, even under eyes! It works excellent to reduce eye puffiness! Witch Hazel does have an odd smell that takes some getting used to... but trust me, it's sooo worth it! 

I can't believe the changes in my skin. Firmer, Smaller Pores and Softer! My skin tone and color is more balanced  as well!

Olive oil- is famous for its Anti-inflammatory Properties from the variety of antioxidants found in it... including Vitamin A and E, but the most potent compound is hydroxytyrosol (a very rare but potent antioxidant that prevents free radical damage on skin cells). This makes it awesome for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing use.
Olive oils antioxidants allow it to form a protective barrier trapping moisture on your skin. Lots of skin products use synthetic chemicals that do moisturize, but they clog your pores and are carcinogenic in some cases. Olive oil however, will not clog your pores like some people believe and it's deep penetrating properties not only moisturize your skin but also help brighten your skin. 

Apricot Oil- sought out for its high vitamin E content and skin softening properties, apricot oil is known for its ability to penetrate the skin without leaving an oily feel. It's rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid and is high in Vitamin A. The excellent softening and moisturizing properties is great for face, hands and hair. Vitamins A & C are good for mature dry or sensitive skin. The apricot oil helps skin retain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness.

Castor Oil- Castor oil is a natural rich emollient and its molecular weight makes it easier to penetrate into the stratum corneum (a fancy word for the outermost layer of the epiderm). Dermatologists will tell you that a healthy stratum corneum makes healthy youthful looking skin. Regular use will reduce appearance of age spots (brought about by sun damage and the aging process) and produce suppler skin.

Witch Hazel- has high levels of tannin acid. The tannin content in witch hazel has strong astringent as well as antioxidant properties. These astringent properties are cleansing to the skin, while minimizing the size of skin pores. If you suffer from acne then witch hazel comes highly recommended. Witch hazel removes the sebum from the skin and reduces the inflammation of pimples without leaving the skin dry. It is gentle and non-drying when used to tone and cleanse acne infected or acne prone skin.

Do YOU have an all natural skin care recipe or regimen you would be willing to share? 



shannah said...

I love home remedies for beauty! cold lemon juice is a good astringent. baking soda mixed with water is a perfect facial scrub. A cold spoon (left in the freezer for a few minutes) reduces redness.

This type of stuff intrigues me! :)

Erin Glamann said...

I've also heard olive oil mixed with caster oil, massage into face, place a warm/hot washcloth over your face to open your pores and let the oil mixture into them, the oil mixture cleans out makeup and dirt and stuff then just wipe off with the washcloth and go to bed. I've been meaning to try this I haven't yet though, but I am hoping to get some caster oil too and I'll look for apricot oil...sounds like a hard one to find!