July 21, 2011


We have two winners from our last Feature Friday!

The winner of the Comfy Leggings from Ky and Kin is......
Zoe Love
who said...
"I facebooked on my status about the giveaway!"

Zoe, please get in touch with me so I give you the details!

The winner of the face scrubbie set from MelissaGHollis is.....
who said....
"Awesome giveaway! I'm following your blog (and get ready for way too many comments following this one! haha)"

Nicole, please get with me so I can give you the details!

Thank you to everyone who participated... we can do better!  Lets spread the word!

Also... you will be noticing changes every so often to the look of my blog.. as I find the perfect feel for both myself and my readers :)

As always,

Happy creating,


Nicole said...

I'm so happy that I won! But I have no idea how to contact you. I must be daft, but I don't see an email link anywhere! So just email me. Yay! Thanks so much!

Angel said...

Nicole, Please send your email address to www.angelsdivinecreations.gmail.com

I can't find your email either. :)