July 22, 2011

Featured Friday - Letter Kay Giveaway!

Our second giveaway today is from Letter Kay!

Letter Kay specializes in hand carved stamps!
She has many different styles to choose from, and can even custom create something just for you!

She also sales antique, vintage items... so stop in to view all the wonderful things she has available!

Script Font Initial Rubber Stamp -  Your Choice of 1 Initial Stamp - Hand-Carved4-5 inch Hand-carved Rubber Stamp with Your Logo/Image

Perfect for weddings!

Thank You Rubber Stamp with Swirly FrameHand-carved Rubber Stamp with Your Logo/Image

Scrapbooking, or handmade cards!

This week, she is giving away to one lucky winner
a made with love stamp!

Made with Love - Hand Carved . Unmounted . Rubber Stamp

She is also gracious enough to give our readers coupon code CIJ2011 for 20% off your order in her shop....

To enter to win the MADE WITH LOVE hand carved stamp simply leave a comment on this post for each of the following you complete:

1. Follow One Sewing Mommie (you are already here!) or leave a comment saying you already follow
2. Leave a comment tell us what your favorite item in Letter Kays shop is!
3. Heart Letter Kays Etys shop or an item HERE
4. Leave a comment for each dollar you spend in Letter Kays shop!

Letter Kay answered some of our blog feature questions...

1. Tell us a little bit about YOU.
Well, where to begin with describing me? I am a recent college graduate, graduating with a BFA in Studio Art. I work at my local church helping with art and print projects. I guess you could say I am a bit of an etsy addict – I get home from work and spend most of the evening on etsy or working on orders, but I love it! I love being productive!
2. Tell us about your shop and or blog
My shop is full of things that I love or would use I’ve always loved vintage items and thought I’d put that love to good use and start selling it! I love the look of the stamps too. I like to create things people can use – not just to look at. 
3. When did you first begin to create?
I have always loved making things ever since I was a child. Popsicle sticks, tissue paper, and glue were some of my best friends! I recently graduated with a BFA in Studio Art, concentrating on painting and installation sculpture. I took a printmaking class a year or so ago and this gave me the idea for the stamps that I create. I love making things and trying out new ideas and techniques! 
4. What do you like to do when you are not creating or blogging?
Hmm…I’m almost always working on something. I do go to my regular job during the day where I help with graphic design, producing booklets and other print jobs. When I get home I sit down and relax by either watching a favorite show or a bit of a BBC movie and drinking a cup of coffee. Then I get back to work either editing photos or carving stamps. As weird as it may sound, I find carving stamps a bit soothing. The repetition and quietness allows me to think, or not think if I don’t want to. 
5. Tell us a little about where you live in this big ol world.
I live in a bit of a small city – I guess it’s not that small, but I lived close to Dallas for about 10 years so it seems it. I love where I live though. It’s not too busy, but not too slow either. There isn’t a whole lot to do, but I’m able to do what I love. Most importantly, the people are friendly! 
6. Where would you like to see yourself in five years? 
In five years I’d like to be teaching art and own a little shop. I’d love to teach art to elementary children – I love their imaginations and you never know what will come out of their mouths next. They are so amusing! Another dream of mine is to open my own store. Ideally, it would sell handmade and vintage items. 
7. Tell us what your ideal weekend would consist of.
My ideal weekend would consist of sipping coffee on the front porch, going to my favorite flea markets and estate sales, getting some work done, and then settling down on the couch to watch a good movie. I know it sounds like all I do is watch movies, but really I don’t It is what helps me relax though

Where can you find letterkay?  www.letterkay.etsy.com !


GingerPeachT said...

hi there!!! I'm from Cast! :-)
I follow you and I actually have been wanting a stamp from this shop for awhile! Perfect time for a giveaway! :-)

Zoe Love said...

I already follow!

Zoe Love said...

I love that she can custom make your own stamp!

Zoe Love said...

I heart on Etsy

GingerPeachT said...

So when do you announce the winner? From the looks of it I have a good chance lol