July 22, 2011

Featured Shop for the Shoe Lovers!

Here's an interesting little shop titled RhinestoneRevolution!!

The name says it all!  This little shop Can Rhinestone just about anything... including shoes, belts, masks, glasses and phones!

Rhinestone MaskGirl's Rhinestone Mary Jane Running Shoes

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Unique in their style, this team is definitely starting a revolution,
a Rhinestone Revolution!
We wanted to know more about the people behind this shop... so we asked them the following questions!

Rhinestone Wedges

1. Tell us a little bit about YOU! Rachel and I are cousins. Rachel is from Baltimore and I (Nicole) are from Toronto and we are both university students. We love fashion and we LOVE shoes!
2. Tell us about your shop! It all started when we walked into an expensive shoe store and saw the most gorgeous shoes! They were black wedge heels covered in coloured stones, they were also $300. We thought "Hey! We can do that ourselves!" and our first pair of rhinestone shoes were born. We received such positive feedback that we knew we had to share our shoes with others. That is when we started our shop Rhinestone Revolution!
3. When did you first begin to create? We are both creative people and like experimenting in different areas. Rachel loves cooking and baking and I love writing. Working with our hands is another creative outlet we love which led us to make our own shoes.
4. How would you describe the items you make? The items we make are all about letting loose. Our rhinestones are different colours and sizes and no two items are ever the same. They sparkle and shine and draw attention! We love making them and we love wearing them!
5. From where does your inspiration come? Our inspiration originally came from the shoes we saw in the expensive shoe store when we realized that amazing shoes do not need to be over priced! We go window shopping for our inspiration now. If we see something we like and know we can rhinestone it we'll buy it.
6. What is your one most cherished possession and why? We love our pets, I don't know if that is considered a possession but nonetheless we love them. I have two dogs and Rachel has a dog and a rabbit.
7. What do you like to do when you are not creating? We love baking and relaxing on the beach. We love going to festivals where people exhibit their hand made items. And we love surfing etsy!
8. Tell us a little about where you live in this big OL world! Rachel is from Baltimore where the inner harbour is a beautiful place to hang out. I am from Toronto which is where both of us are living now. Toronto is a great place to draw inspiration from! We love visiting all the amazing places it has to offer like Little India, where everything glitters and our Harbourfront where the international Festival exhibits things from around the world.
9. Where would you like to see yourself in five years?  We both hope to be independent business owners. Our futures are still in the air but we wouldn't be happy unless we were being creative.
10. Tell us what your ideal weekend would consist of. Our ideal weekend would consist of us making shoes in the sun!

You can find this fabulous shop at:
ETSY: http://www.rhinestonerevolution.etsy.com/

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