December 18, 2007

Sorry it took so long.

Soooo, it has again been a while since my last post, a long time actually. Our family now has a new addition. We have a beautiful baby girl named Angelique Marie. She is so wonderful. She weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces at birth, and had to be delivered by c-section due to her being breached. She was the only one out of my now four children who was delivered by c-section. It was awful, I would rather give birth any day than to have to have another c-section. I couldn't believe the pain that followed that procedure. Baby girl is in her swing as of now, kind of fussing, because she likes to be held. Angelina (3 yr old) is taking a nap in her bed and Destiny (almost 8 yr old) and Daniel (6 yr old) are in school. DH has started his own company, working a lot for this time of year, but waiting to get paid for the jobs he is working... money is short so this may very well be the last post for me for a while. I will have to disconnect the intranet for a while to cut back on expenses. I need to update my control journal, as I do things a little differently now that baby girl is here. I may have to do that today or tomorrow. I will have to go to the DMV tomorrow morning to turn the plate in for my car, as I had to cancel the insurance today. We have three vehicles on insurance, and as I have said, we have to cut back on expenses. I have already canceled our T.V. which surprisingly, I don't miss at all and it's been over a week now. The kids don't miss it either. If anyone is reading this, please pray for God to provide for my family, I have faith that he will, he always does. O.k. that's all I will have time for today, I need to get to the housework. I had to go to town to do a few things today, and the day is already half gone and I haven't done a thing in the house yet.

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